Shock Body Exercise Variations (Part 2)

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What! Shaun has even more shock body tips to get ripped?

Correct. The more varied exercises that you have at your disposal, the less likey you and your muscles will become victims of boredom.

But just a quick reminder to why you would be performing these type of exercises.

  • To build muscle (real muscle)
  • To maintain your ‘real muscles’
  • To take your ‘real muscles’ to the next level
  • To ease back into training after injury

All in combination to your current weightlifting routine.

And we continue…

100 Rep Sets

This involves performing 100 reps straight with a very light weight.

Light weights don’t give bulk. What’s the catch?

Well, you’ve probably been lifting heavy weights and increasing the weight even furthur while performing less reps per set. Which is great and is what I preach to many that want to bulk up effectively. But what the 100 rep set does is give your muscles a change of pace and help build up your endurance.

You perform 100 reps for each exercise that you do!

When you go back to performing heavy weights, you will now find that your muscles are a lot more responsive. You will be able to lift more and in turn, will give you faster gains.

MAGIC! You are now a certified magician.

Flex Hard, Hold Hard

Building the true ripped look

After you perform a set of whatever exercise you do, immediatly flex those same muscles, hold that position and count to 10. You basically treat this as ‘posing’ as an exercise.

By doing this, you will be making more muscular contractions, reach the areas that normal training may have missed and give your body the ‘icing on the cake’ rips.


Do the reverse

  • Flex your muscles first before doing the exercise.
  • Tire them out (Pre-fatigue).
  • Example: Flex your chest and triceps, then perform the push ups exercise.

This makes for a more challenging exercise. But if you manage to pull it off while performing the same amount of push ups that you would usually do, you will produce much better muscle building results.

Reduce Rest Time Between Sets

This is a pretty common thing to do, yet not many people have the balls to action this during their workouts. You basically cut down your rest periods over time, like so…

60, 45, 30, 15 to 0 seconds

At this point you will be performing your workouts at the level of the workout routine that has it all.


But here are 2 styles of ‘resting between sets’ that you can do, which will without a doubt give you some real gains.

Style no.1

Exercise for examples sake – chin ups

  • Perform one set of chin ups to failure
  • Wait a few seconds and perform another set

The first time you do this you will probably pull off 4-5 reps for your second set. But get real good at this and the gains will come.

Style no.2

Increase the number of reps on the first set and decrease the rest time for the second set. This is for all of you ‘hard nuts’ reading this. But if you feel you are man enough, then please.. go ahead. I’d love to hear about your run in with deaths door.

That’s enough of shock body for today, but stay tuned for tomorrows post. I might even give you a special part 3.

See you in the comments.

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