Shit happens – And your no.1 ‘fix’ for when it does

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Buzzers… Friday… Shit happens? I am indeed going to have a good ol’ S-curve formula TGIF cheat night today. Whilst ‘coming up for air’ somewhere. And no… No pics for that. As I’ve posted plenty of them in the past @ > this album.


So… We all know that 121 coaching is the magic that pushes you through to super results. That you then get to keep.

We’re talking 3-6 months of super changes. And not 1-5 years of starting/stopping and looking exactly the same.

Everyone starts off excited. Especially on stages 1 or 2.

But then… Life kicks in. > Like this

Yup. Illnesses, deaths in families. Hurricanes.

It’s all real life sh*t. And it can and will stop you in your tracks, on the quest to being fixed. That’s why the ‘Becoming S-curvish’ part of the S-curve experience must always exist.

Because this stuff will continue to happen.

So when you do feel that it’s time to decide to become an official member. Go all in!

Either > 3-6 months prepaid.

Or > Stage 3


#1 They both have unlimited 121 coaching/therapy sessions. A lot of which… Helps you tweak your member page updates, so that your results actually progress at the stated pace.

And sessions… That change your plan, based on the things that are happening in your day to day life.

#2 They continue the long term step by step process. That sees you through the results, each step of the way.

It’s all ‘higher end’ stuff.

It would have to be… To have produced all the results that have come over the years.

And yes… You’re supposed to feel like ‘why didn’t I do this earlier’. Once those beyond 60% S-curvish results kick in.

To conclude

I’ve seen how this plays out, many times over now.

The only members that fail. Are the ones that don’t allow themselves to go through the formula (By not choosing the options above). At least a minimum of 3 months of it.

Half hearted… Don’t be that.

All in… To win. Not always fun in the beginning. We get a little serious. But we get it done And then live it up @ the rest of the S-curve experience. Which is of course. A lot of fun!

What’s trending in S-curve world today? – OOTD-curvish moments as > Sonic the hedgehog

– > Sun bum

– Taking the S-curve workout > outdoors

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