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Buzzers… Sunday…

Tis the S-curve experience

Which means… We address every little issue @ daily life shenanigans.

We’ve gradually grown into this experience…. All from naturally occurring events. And one thing that happens over a period of time… Is members ‘quitting’.

It’s usually always related to ’emotions’. Especially being a woman (Not a bad thing… But I personally understand YOU. Most men don’t).

And we’ve created an environment… That let’s you be honest about why you quit or want to quit.

At which point, you’ll usually end up on a different stage, than the one you’re on, at any given time. The stage you’re on MUST work in sync with whatever is going on in your life.


The becoming S-curvish part of the experience, is still ‘fitness’. And when it comes to coaching… The typical scenario, is for your coach to tell you off… Whenever you mess up.

Like… Disappearing with no contact.

You do that… Because of the narrative your coach has set with you. Which is why you’re scared to return after a period of no contact.

But in S-curve world… We address everything in our chats.

– Boyfriend/Husband problems
– ‘Women’ issues
– Stuff you’ve tried before

– Just… How you really feel about stuff

I don’t mind being deeply involved with the 121 coaching sessions with you. Because I ‘get you’. And I’ve done these sessions with women… All of whom, live in different parts of the world.

And I can tell you this… We are more alike, than we are different. Regardless of where you’re from.

The human issues are the same.

But yes… We work through 3-6-12 month/1-5 year plans.

We’re already 8 years into this. ‘Now’ an S-curve experience. And in relation to that… 3-5 year long, S-curve member stories in place.

Which means you’ll be returning and leaving, quite a few times throughout your journey.

Today… You’ll probably end up being more active though. Because again… We’re a complete experience now.

– We live it up better, daily @ everyday city life.

– We prepare for TC2.0 trips very regularly.

The chats are much more than just ‘fitness’ now (Stuff we naturally do outside of it). So if you are a past member… That went incognito. Don’t be scared to return. Our arms are always open.

It’s a wonderful positive vibe that’s been created, from taking TC2.0 trips.

Yup… Everything that goes on here, is a real life occurrence. I’m living it up along side you.

It’s RECAPO Sunday. So > Look back at it @ past week.


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