She said yes!

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Buzzers… Saturday…

Hopefully, some of you are embracing TC2.0 right now… Since our social media posts have been ‘hot on it’ recently. Which of course, should motivate you to become or stay S-curvish.

I’ve personally Sat this weekend out, as I’ve got quite a bit of ‘behind the scenes’ stuff to take care of. Season 2 of Marvels: Jessica Jones arrived too. So… Next week or weekend after next it will be for ME.

She said yes!

So… As you will know… Everyday that this newsletter goes out. 90% of you say NO to buying anything.

There are many different reasons…

– Trust levels aren’t high enough yet

– Timing is off
– Doing due diligence

To name a few…

But it’s almost no different than dating someone @ the guy attempting to win you over in the long term. A lot of times… You’ll just say NO along the way.

If I look back to the members who totally succeeded. And how they were, before becoming members.

What held them back was…

– Not believing they could be the a winner.

Yup… It’s like that, with almost anything you want to achieve, outside of your current day norm.

The formula is there. You trust the person/thing that is guiding you. But you mostly don’t trust yourself.

The issue is… That anything worth achieving, will take some time. Humans are emotional beings. And emotions change over time.

If not controlled… You’ll simply quit. Which is why most people fail @ doing sh*t.

This is why we’ve had to come up with mindset and lifestyle solutions (Some workout and nutrition too) within the S-curve formula over time.

Most of which, has been a reaction to the emotions that members were dishing out, via 121 chats.

Which isn’t a bad thing. Especially since women show their emotions, more than men do. As we can then get to the root of the issues. Just like > Mai’s issue on Wednesday @ the 3 hour chat.

A confirmed yes!

This usually happens after a 121 voice or video chat. Especially if starting on > stage 3.

After that… Most are comfortable going long term with text chats. Especially since you’ll see me talking everyday on the vids that you watch.

Which is why most members are still around, 3-5 years later. As I talk directly to you in those vids @ you feel like you know ME (Which I often forget).


It only takes 14-45 days until you realise that you’re now on the right path.

And you won’t really kick yourself, for not starting earlier. Because as a woman. At least you know, that you’re not dealing with any fools, who are just after your money or trying to mess you about.

Which is the same thing that you do when a guy is courting you. You make him fight for that position with you.

And if he shows good colors over time. You’re more than likely going to say yes! That’s mostly what I talked about with Mai on Wednesday.

It’s been 8 years already. So here’s to more yes’ from you all (Wine emoji goes here).


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the coming months/years).

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