She said it wasn’t small enough (What?)

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Buzzers… #TBT…
I always post random (And sometimes ridiculous) status updates on my own FB profile.

I personally don’t follow Apple product launches much. But I do follow what goes on in the world of tech’.

#1 Because it’s my background @ the back story behind the > back story.

#2 Because ‘technology’ is the platform that allows the S-curve formula to exist.

I put up a question asking if people were going to be buying the new iPhone(s). The response was 50/50.

But my words to you, as a FitBuzzer/S-curve member. Is that you don’t ‘need’ brand new tech, when putting your LIVE update S-curve member page to use.

Any smart phone or tablet from 2012 upwards will do just fine.


We play when we ‘play’. And we play when we don’t play


#1 We have fun when we’re results focused.

#2 We have even more fun when we’re enjoying the lifestyle… Whilst getting results.

That’s the S-curve formula, summed up in one sentence.

That’s also what it’s like in the 121 chats. Which is why you should be there. No one exists in the email replies any more (Even though you’re encouraged to still reply).

– You read the newsletter.

– You open up a FB chat message.
– Then talk about stuff.
That’s what’s happened with every single person that turned into a member this year!

So do that…

Stage 4 on > More buzz

All of the fun happens on stage 3. So we often forget about stage 4. But stage 4 is mostly for S-curve members from 2-3+ years ago.

So if that’s you. And the current day YOU looks and feels less desirable (In your eyes). Then that’s where YOU need to go. OKzee…

Have you looked like s*** for the entire year of 2017?

@ today’s headline.

If so… It might not be your fault. ‘Life’ stuff just happens. And you find yourself putting out one fire after the next. And before you know it. The year is over.

So right now… You might be looking in the mirror and saying to yourself…

”S**t… My lower belly is still not small enough”.

As that’s the #1 area of your body that’ll feel the wrath of a busy lifestyle.

My advice to you, if that’s you.

#1 Start practicing some ‘come up for air’ moments (I do this daily ‘without fail’ myself).

#2 Have some solid moments of clarity.

#3 If you’ve been following this newsletter and KNOW you need to start. Then jump in the chats. So that we can get you ready for it.

That last point is important. Because your mind needs to be right, when planning for long term success. Also… Take a look at the > results timeline.

You have about 8 months from today… To get to at least 60% S-curvish, regardless of your body type.

It’ll be higher, if your BF% levels are below 27%.

That’s what everyone to-date has done. Which has been posted everywhere on the @fitbuzz pages/social media areas.

That’s all…


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