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Buzzers… Thursday…
It’s been another week, living in ‘the hub’ for me. And the best thing I like. Is the number of new people I get to meet or stumble upon every week.Some become S-curve members. Some… Friends. But the most interesting thing for me. Is that I learn something new. From everyone I meet.

Who knows… With the amount of people that pass through this region of the world at present. It could mean it turns into a meet up hub, for all those involved in S-curve world.

At the start of this week…

It was all about Q & A, taken from the 121 chats inside FB Messenger.

And today. We’re going to answer a question/query that has come up before (And that we’ve solved many times before).

Which is…

”I’m doing all this stuff (On my own). But I still don’t look great. What’s wrong?”

That… Is the reason why the becoming S-curvish part of the S-curve experience, will remain strong.Because like many of the members from the past… They were active and doing stuff on their own too. Yet… They remained looking the same. Month after month after month.

That happened with > this lady.

For those of you who remember. She kick started our fall season 2016 ‘rush’.

In 2014. She started and achieved the 7-21 day results. But then just stopped. And for 2 years. Did nothing. Lived life. But was never truly happy. Because she wasn’t S-curvish.

Then in August 2016. She restarted and got serious again, after a casual lunch chat with me. The chat got her ‘in the zone’ again.

2 months prior to that. She again… Tried to do things on her own, and failed (Stubborn).

And if you look at the October/November pics on that link above. You can see the initial out come (Which is why I recommended > this at the start of the week). In fact… You can watch everything she did. As I recorded the entire thing LIVE.

Then in September. Vic joined (A close friend of hers). And > this happened.

Magical moments indeed. And word started to spread throughout their individual networks.

Yani, from the hall of fame (Stage 3 link on More buzz) had a similar story too. With her family members going crazy. Wondering what she did to change her body, after struggling for so long.

You know…

it kills women, to walk around. Not looking their best. Especially when they see others looking their best.

People are usually stubborn to get the outside help. Especially ‘adult’ people. Because this ‘know it all’ vibe kicks in. After say, 25 years old. Or one feels too old to ask for help.

So it’s our job. To turn you into a high school student again.

We are your long term protectors @ making you not fall victim to that phase of know it all-ness… Of being OK with losing @ it’s ‘not’ OK.

Just remember. That becoming an S-curve member. Means that…

– You want ‘proven’ and no guessing @ results.

– You want things to be simplified. And for your daily life to run smoothly, whilst doing what’s needed in order to become S-curvish (Not more work load).

– You want to be able to do it from anywhere at any time.

I myself am living proof of it. All past, current and future members are too.

And we want more of you involved. Because what we look forward to… Is possible meet ups and trips with YOU.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– > Beach towels 

– > Tulum views

– > Pretty faced beasts

– > OOTD attire

Blueprint tips 

I’ve started to post some via the FB and Instagram stories. So make sure you’re following.

However… You’re still going to see more of the crazy/life stuff though.


Because Tis the S-curve experience :).


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