Sex Positions to Enhance Pleasure for the Woman

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It is a common myth that men have higher sexual desire than men. Socialization might make men more vocal about their sexual needs but just because they don’t speak about it as much doesn’t mean women aren’t as interested in sexual pleasure.

In a survey, more than three-fourth of the female participants expressed their desire for sexual intercourse with their partner at least three times a week. However, another study also revealed that more than half of the women do not have as much sex as they desire.


Benefit of Frequent Sex for Women

Sex is of equal importance for both men and women. In fact, it works a bit better for the ladies because it has been found to improve memory. When women have frequent sessions of penetrative sex, it improves their ability to remember and recall words and phrases much more, as compared to women who don’t.

Experts at Top Male Enhancers, a site known for its unbiased EnhanceRx reviews, cited the increased blood flow to the hippocampal region of the brain during penetrative sex to be the reason for such benefits. The best all natural penis enhancement pills significantly increase penis size and erection quality to help with deeper stimulation for a woman’s pleasure.

Once you have invested in the best male enhancement pills, like EnhanceRX, you can also try some new sex positions to add excitement to your life. Here are five options for you.



The Twist and Shout


This is a must try sex position for deeper penetration. The man needs to lie on their back with one leg bent and the other one extended. In this almost sit-up position, allow the woman to straddle on your legs. This is a super intimate position, since it allows couples to maintain eye contact while caressing each other’s body.


The Ottoman Empire


In this position, the man should lie back on an Ottoman (a form of couch that usually has a head but no back) to give a support to their entire back. Allow the woman to straddle you, such that she can easily move up and down. This is a versatile position, since the ottoman can be used in a number of ways.


The Chair


Most couples avoid sex in the standing position. However, they can incorporate some types of standing positions, since it allows deep and intense penetration. The chair position could be your start, where the man leans his back against the wall, bending their legs slightly at a right angle, just as if they were sitting, and let the woman straddle them.


The Maypole


Now, it is time to add a bit of excitement to your sexual act. The man should take a chair position and let the lady wrap her legs around his waist. Lift her up while taking a standing position. Now you can lift her up and down on your pelvis.

The Cradled Cowgirl



Improvise the traditional sitting-up cowgirl position and make the woman lay forward, such that her neck gets cradled in your neck. This sex position will provide her immense pleasure though clitoral stimulation.

These sex positions will not be fully achieved if the man is suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). EnhanceRx reviews stats that it does work as an effective remedy for ED. However, do check the dosage an

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