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Let’s get right into it!
As you all know. There are many different things you can get into, here in S-curve world.
All areas… That have organically found themselves here, over time.
Each of those areas have periods in time where they are ‘popular’.
In recent times. It’s been all about the supplements (> This type more recently) and stuff you see on the items lists.
But as of this month. It’s been the ‘skin in the game’ program.
September is like January for a lot of folks (Back to work/Back to school). Which means OUR inboxes are more flooded than usual.
Flooded… With folks looking for the right way to get started in S-curve world.
Because your journey here STILL starts with Becoming S-curvish. And being so/Not being so. Is GOING to affect you in all parts of the S-curve Xperience.
Especially here…
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We of course, knew this would happen, ahead of time. And so… We prepared the > ‘Skin in the game’ S-curve program.
And it all starts and happens in the chats. As you saw > here
And more recently (last night)….
Time waits for no one! And you give yourself a lot more years of ‘living’, by > getting started ASAP.

New items added and highlighted

First… To highlight a new favorite item(s) right here, today…
Hard Travel Case for Lectrofan Micro2 (Wireless)
Hard Travel Case for Lectrofan Micro2 (Wireless)
Lectrofan Micro2 (Wireless)
Lectrofan Micro2 (Wireless)
You can learn why that is so, in > this post. Which is of course, the official items update list. Where we share the new items that we find (That are of great use within the S-curve Xperience).
Some items become protocol and end up > here. Others… Not so much. But are still great items to look into.
There have also been new items listed on the main items list page too.

Xtending again

XTEND  Muscle recovery
XTEND Muscle recovery
This was one of the > 1st supplements that we introduced to the 2010 S-curve world folks.
The formula for that supplement did change over time though.
Yet… It still remained as a supplement that proved to be effective at killing post workout muscle soreness.
We’re highlighting this again, to coincide with the new found popularity of the ‘Skin in the game’ program (Mentioned above).
Since almost everyone who is starting… Is new to body shaping/mindset fixing.
We don’t currently have any favorite flavors with this one. As we ourselves don’t need to use it much.
You won’t either… As you head towards 60% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish and beyond…
'Soft lean' S-curve belfie @dalmaviczai
‘Soft lean’ S-curve belfie @dalmaviczai
With that being the case. Simply dig into the reviews of the different flavors.
The tees
We’re revitalising a lot of the old ones…
And consistently creating new ones…
The first thing men see when they walk into your house... :D
The first thing men see when they walk into your house… 😀
They have always been themed around the things that go on with the Xperience. So that, will continue! 

To conclude

I think that about wraps it up this week.
One thing to always remember though…
The reason why you spend (Or make) money within the S-curve Xperience. Is to improve everything that you’re currently Xperiencing here.
You’re now embracing Travel-curvish 2.0 trips? Then load up on stuff from the items lists (Above).
You’re ready to finally start seeing real results? Get some ‘Skin in the game’.
Along with > these supplements, some time after you start.
Like the idea of more freedom in your life? Embrace all that you see in > this post
As usual… Dig into all the above. And/Or jump into Messenger from this page, to ask/chat or start your 121 coaching sessions.

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