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In response to Tuesday’s newsletter… YOU replied!
And so… Let’s dig into what was discussed.

The supplement posts on our social media profiles/pages

Getting ready to feed the monster S-curvishly  @fefurlan
Getting ready to feed the monster S-curvishly @fefurlan
The links that you get taken to, are to the most popular supplements that S-curve world folks are buying right now. From our supplement partners.
They become popular, because people notice that the supplements are helping. With the keyword here, being ‘help’. As you still need to eat S-curvishly. And sometimes, using those supplements to boost he effectiveness of the foods you’re eating. Like adding > whey protein to cereals, instead of using sugar and/or having to prepare a separate protein food.
With the later… Being handy, on those mornings where you need to rush out to work.
We recently did a full break down of the food and supplements on > this page.
The current supplements that are popular =
> Lean bean
> The hunter supplements @ Test and Burn
> Testofuel

S-curve world associates

#Allblackeverything little black dress anterior-curvish moments @megkylie
#Allblackeverything little black dress anterior-curvish moments @megkylie
Yup… Those ladies (Sometimes ladies with their guy) ^^.
And of course… If you are a lady (Or a guy with a wife/girlfriend). Then the goal is to get some of YOU into that position.
Which is mostly for those of you who want to live the > S-curve Xperience to the max.
If you’re a person that simply enjoys the Xperiance via daily social media posts. YOU can simply search those associates out, individually.
They usually focus on offering fashion and travel stuff.
And if you end up there (above). Then your visibility will get a boost too. As an > S-curve member partner.

Fall season shopping

Outside of the main S-curve program. The other things to get involved in =
– Stuff from the items list page/Influencer page
– Merchandise from the following 2 online store pages…
Forever epic
Forever epic
Satisfying those hungry babies
Satisfying those hungry babies
And we are adding brand new items and designs, a little more frequently for fall season.
All of which… Is related to what goes on in S-curve world.
Like… That baby onesie design above. Came about because…
– Some past S-curve members have entered the world of motherhood. They haven’t left our world. Just… The reason for their existence here has changed. And so… It’s all about getting their babies living S-curvishly, from the get-go :D.
Which also involves leaving foods in your house, that ONLY fit the S-curve meal structure. Aka NO D-F rated foods.
– Because that’s what it should feel like, when you’re eating food, at ALL stages of the S-curve meal structure. Documented on…
– This page >  The process of Eating S-curvishly (An EPIC explanation!) 
– And this page > The S-curve formula and program ‘timeline’ (Epic explanation) 
And in regards to items from Amazon (Or elsewhere – Mostly Amazon though)…
Just keep an eye on the items list update page. As most of the new addictions, we our buying ourselves too!

To conclude

I know there’s more of you who need to reply. So do that. As we’re likely to stumble upon new topics, that we can then share with everyone… Solving more problems and keeping everyone on the same page.

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