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Buzzers… Monday…

So… A lot of you reading this… Are already active, in regards to the ‘Becoming S-curvish’ part of the experience.

Yet… You’ll still follow certain entities or individuals, that provide a service that relates to improving that area of your life. Which is why you’re on this newsletter.

But why?

It’s because you need someone in your ‘corner’.

It doesn’t matter what the goal is either…

– Help with building a business
– A better body
– A better marriage

Anything that’s worthwhile @ achieving… Will have it’s challenges along the way @ getting there.

Which means, you’ll always seek support. Aka… Having someone in your corner.

That’s the reason why most people should become S-curve members. Just for that ongoing help.

Because that’s the one person or entity in your life, that will be there no matter what. Especially when the people around you don’t seem to care about that thing, the same way you do.

For that type of member… A > Pay-as-you-go Lifestyle Phase will do the job @ $70-$150 a month.

But if you need a major body fix… Then going on auto-payments is a better option, so that you can set it forget it. So that you can focus on getting the job done.

We know that works best. Since that’s what most members in 2017 went through.

So understand… That we understand, that having someone in your corner, is something that the majority of you need @ 121 coaching chats.

And understand that… Nothing is left on the cutting room floor.

Aka… Nothing gets left out or forgotten about. Since you’ll always have your LIVE update member page to turn to, when life starts to get crazy.

And if life does start to get crazy… You now have a pay as you go option for some temporary 121 coaching sessions to take place.

Let’s have some…

Quick fire S-curve blueprint tips

#1 No fruit 3-4 hours before you sleep.

#2 Only a small amount of mono/poly fats to enter your guts, 1-2 hours before you sleep.

#3 To eat ALL nutrient types for breakfast (Because your body now has less of all, due to sleeping for 6-8 hours).

#4 Start today’s workout with an effective exercise that you suck at. And do that every time, for a short while.

#5 Change that exercise variation, to something more difficult, once that becomes easy (We get specific with this @ strength and exercise progression module, as a member).


Bananas – Makes you feel full.

Raisins – Small, easy to carry around… And sweet enough, so that you won’t want to binge on them. And even if you do… They’re small @ low calorie intake.Pineapple – So sweet, that you won’t want to eat more.

Those are examples of each type of ideal cheat snack. So as per S-curve formula rules… Feel free to choose your own.
The 121 chats on one of our social media profiles… Go there (FB/Tumblr/Insta).


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