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Tuesday is the real first day of the week. Because yesterday… Like most Mondays, is when we’re just
waking up from the previous weekend.

And for us… In S-curve world. That means getting back to a routine that the S-curve formula helped

to create.

So let’s have a blueprint tips kind of day to go over that.

#1 Your home food

There should always be some amount of A-C rated foods that are present in your home at any given


– To ensure that you always eat ‘something’ (Important for when life gets busy, like some S-curve

members right now  @ grind stage shenanigans).

– For the S-curve meal variety.

– To ‘double’ ensure (First ‘ensure’, is to never stock them in your home… Buy on the day and eat)

that your cheat snacks don’t turn into cheat meals. As this will lead to a cheat binge. Which WILL
turn into an addiction.

#2 Workout days

This will usually be default, based on your work day hours.

But if there’s a day that it doesn’t happen. Then… It’s all about TDE videos to save the day.

Just get yourself a workout mat, if you don’t have one already. And keep it present, in the room that

you spend the most time in. Load up the vid and get to it.

That has now become ‘protocol’ behaviour with women today, in the gym. Which goes along

with what I’ve said before in this newsletter. Which is…

– Find a person/source that you trust and ‘like’ to work with.

– Consume what is taught (Entirely).

– Find the quiet spot or private room in the gym (Men don’t get these… Ha).

And in this case… You pull out your iPad/phone, watch and follow.

The premium experience exists… Because you simply value it a lot more. Which means you’ll

follow through and win.

#3 Your ‘come up for air’ spot

Have you found it yet?

That can be whatever you want it to be. But the best times of the day to have a ‘come up for air’

moment, is…

– Early in the morning – No one is awake at this time. And an open park is a super good place to

make this happen.

– During your lunch break – A roof top spot… Or if you set your own hours… Day time in the gym.

It’s always quiet and peaceful. Unless you go to a really popular gym in the city.

– At some point after 9pm – Once the rush hour vibes have died down. This is ideal if you’re in a city

that ‘does’ sleep.

That’s the basic stuff. Everyone lives a different life. So that WILL become more specific as you evolve

into an S-curve member, from being a newsletter FitBuzzer.

And it’ll change too… As you go through the different results stages. And the natural unpredictable

life stages.

And remember… Everything that we do in the first month… Is to set you up for the long term.

It has to… Especially if you have big bodily changes to make. 30 days is great to see some initial results.

But a foundation month is useless, if you don’t go beyond that. You’ll just stay less-curvishly
skinny or fat forever.

So embrace all that is thrown at you during that first month. Because that s*** will change your fudging


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