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This week is all about hanging out with FitBuzzers and those new to ‘our’ world here. Then…
It should get more fun towards the end of the week, after seeing the new Spidey movie on Thursday…
Embracing the summer nights @ I can only take the day time heat on the beach. Not in the city.


> Last weekends newsletters… Catch up on them there.


Following on the @fitbuzz social media accounts?

> This is one of the reasons why all that stuff gets posted… And on this rare occasion… The message

came from a ‘guy’ @ Mr I.Singh.

Yea… There was a typo in his message. But we all do that on Messenger chats. And you know what he

meant @ his response. Because that’s how most people feel when they see the posts on a consistent
All of that is S-curve formula stuff. Along with this newsletter.

So follow…


Actionable blueprint tips as promised in yesterday’s newsletter.

For 7-14 days only 3 x a week (Because doing the following, for a longer time period than

that, may lead to injuries).
Arms results trigger
Focus on laying barbell tricep extensions (With a super rep).
Note: A super rep is when you count down 5 seconds through the rep.
Reps and sets will vary, depending on your current physique and strength levels. But that exercise
will trigger some magic. However… It’s still a good idea to jump on a 121 chat though.
Because almost all trainees screw up the form or even progressing to that exercise in the right way.

Upper butt results trigger

– Hyper extended standing donkey kicks backs with ankle weights on
– Hyper extended standing lunges with a dumbbell held at your chest
Lower abs results trigger (If boob shrinkage is less of an issue for you @ natural DD cup and above)
– Pull up position hanging bicycles with ankle weights on
– Side to side jumps in the push up position with ankle weights on
Reps, sets and weight lifted, will vary, depending on what your physique looks like ‘today’. But those
exercises will trigger a change. And you’ll feel it almost immediately.
You see when you jump on > stage 1 (Or 2… But usually stage 1 @ yesterday’s newsletter)…
The above is the kind of thing we focus on.
Together… We get really specific about the things that you want to change the most. And from there…
We can start to form the foundation of how ‘your’ plan should play out.
Reply to talk… Adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for daily updates.
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