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Buzzers…Day after Xmas aka Boxing day…

We’re now officially an ‘experience’ (Not a ‘program’). Which means we’re forever open to embracing new things within our world on here.

‘New’… Is the backbone of the experience @ living your life in an improved way.

Technology is leading the way in ‘new’. And allows us to even exist @ everything we’ve created thus far. And that has helped a lot of you. Some of you… In a big way!

Anyway… Today…

Introducing: > Buzzcoin?

There’s a lot of ‘coin’ talk going on in the world at present. And unless you’re in the tech or finance world. It can all be very overwhelming and confusing. And scary too.

Fortunately… My own > back story shows that I’ve been connected to both of those worlds. And always have been (I never really did leave ’em completely).

And all this coin talk, is most likely going to affect the way that we currently do things, in the not too distant


I’ll talk more about this as that world evolves.

But for now… If you feel like being an early bird. > Buzzcoin is the introduction to however that plays out

in our world. Which is now listed just before stages 1-4 on More buzz.

Entering the year 2018…

#1 We won’t be focusing on progress pics much. That’s kinda old. For us… We turned that… Into Becoming S-curvish and Shredding to smexy.

– In the right way (And still have a life outside of all things ‘fitness’).
– Results that you get to keep.
– ‘Soft lean’.
– Epic butt/Tiny waist.
– Keep your real boobs and save at least 1 cup size, if you’re shredding.

And not just for names sake either… As all of that, is what actually happens @ your shape shift.

All of which, is displayed by this years S-curve member stories (See stage 3 on More buzz). Stories… That document all the other things that happen along the way. Just look at Steph’s SMS on that page.

#2 We’ll continue to improve the beginning (highlighted) part of the experience.
Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

But the focus will be more on the underlined parts. Especially to integrate with what is said at the end of the Buzzcoin page above @ interesting times ahead me thinks.

As all of that… Is in line with our goal to improve your life. Especially in the non-fitness areas of it.

Some blueprint tips as we ease our way into 2018.

#1 Pineapple…

This is…

– One of the best cheat snacks ever.
– A super fast carbs drink, for an S-curvish breakfast.
– A great ‘chill zone’ post workout drink.

Yup… You already know that I’ve done (and still doing) everything first hand that you end up doing on here.

And pineapple gets eaten every other day. I even have back ups of the stuff for my TC2.0 trips (> Pic I just took in my kitchen).

But in terms of cheat snacking. It’s where I recommend you start. Because pineapple is sweet enough to satisfy your natural cravings. It’s A-rated (As are all fruits). But the sweetness levels are so high, that you won’t end up binging on it.

Aka… It’s not fun to eat after several bites of the stuff, in one sitting.

Which means it can never turn into a cheat binge. Which becomes addictive and is why you currently have unwanted levels of fat on certain areas of your body.

I’ll guess… Right on your mid/lower back? Reply yes, if I’m right…

So… If you are going to load your kitchen up with a cheat food (You will not do this with any other food… Only buy and eat on the day). Do it with pineapple. As your taste buds won’t allow you to cheat binge with it.

Message first (Messenger). Reply second, to chat. And > More buzz to see everything.


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