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Buzzers… Tuesday…

So… You’ve all seen these pages right…

#1 > Hall of fame
#2 > S-curve member stories

But behind all of those visible members/results. There’s an army of FitBuzzers and S-curve members who would rather stay anonymous.

Which is understandable. Especially with those who work in certain professions.

So if you’re reading these newsletters… Wanting to start. But afraid that having to show your results is a requirement.

Well… It’s not. You can indeed stay private.

I know many of you like blueprint tips. So we’re going to have a stacked list of them today.

Just remember… That you’ll eventually use all the ones that you see throughout these newsletters.

Just… Over a period of time. And you won’t have focus on remembering them as an active member… Since everything you need to do at any given time, is given to you.

#1 Increase your total daily intake
(The S-curve workouts will make that easier to ‘stomach’ @ pun intended). But stick to the S-curve meal structure without fail… For the perfect 90-100% S-curvish look.
This can happen at chosen stages (Shredding or becoming S-curvish). Goal = Build lean muscle.
There’s 4 types of meal structure that we usually give to S-curve members. Which of course, is further tailored and then changes based on your ongoing results (Again… 6-18 months/1-5 year goals). All current members know this all too well now. And you need to be ‘in the know’ too.
And best of all… That long term mindset will help you succeed in other areas of your life too…
– ‘Stuff’ in regards to raising kids. Like teaching them that mindset too. Which is a big + in this new short attention span/instant gratification world. Which means they’ll become a rare breed amongst their peers as they become adults.
Anyway way…
#2 Dinner for breakfast
There are a lot of food variations that you can have for breakfast. But you probably won’t like ‘all’ the options that are available to you. So it’s OK to eat dinner foods at breakfast, as long as the food types match.
#3 End of day meal reports

I don’t talk about this much. But it happens every week in the member area.

This prevents you from falling off track. Especially as you enter a lifestyle phase. Which is inevitable.

It’s one of the most effective features that we’ve added to the formula in recent times. So be ready to put these into action.

#4 Workout stuff

> Don’t hold your breath during sets. Breathe. You’re killing your rep numbers by not breathing.

> Pull ups, bench press… Relax, don’t tense up and always look ‘up’. You’ll do more reps @ mind control.

> Drink whey one hour before, to be safe. Especially on Monday-Wednesday workouts. As we usually

‘go hard at it’ on those days. On a results phase.
#5 Want to see super quick ‘noticeable’ results. Like Yani or Vic from those pages

Do this…

> Go nutrient dense with every single A-rated food source that you eat.

Example = Brown rice > Black rice (You’ll see why when you go on a food shopping trip > like this).

> Drink casein (A flavor that you like) every night without fail and sip it throughout the day too.

> No cheat foods, meals, or even S-curve program cheat snacks.

> Do the Results phase, so that every single workout is tweaked… LIVE. And… So that you can get  end of day meal reports daily. This is probably the thing that takes most peoples results over the edge.

> If you don’t do a results phase. Then at least keep your weight training workouts short and intense. Every single workout, without fail! (I know you won’t… Because it’s fudging hard to do that on your own… As a person with many other ‘life’ responsibilities).

There’s more to add. A lot more. But that’s what the results phase is for.

Either way… Doing the above for 3-4 weeks will spark a change that you’ve never experienced before.

#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).
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