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It’s been really good speaking to all S-curve members/FitBuzzers over the past 2 days.

Most of whom have been here for 3-5 years. Which leads me to today’s headline/topic…

Enter: S-curve member Alicia @ > New S-curve member story

(Scroll to the bottom)

She was a ‘FitBuzzer’ for a while. And then she officially became an S-curve member… Around the time

that we had that big online and offline S-curvish results rush at the end of 2016.

> This is the page that started it all.

And the reason why I’ve made ‘her’ the hot topic for the day… Is because she’s followed the formula ‘exact’.
And she’s winning, in the way that you’re supposed to win @ please take note!

I’ve talked about her many times since then and all of the things she’s gone through. But the main goal
was and still is… To shred to smexy. We’re still happily ‘working it’. But take a look at the story so far.
Back to that end of 2016 results rush…

Where are those members now?

Most of them are on stage 3-4… Happily living a lifestyle phase. Which suits ‘their’ lifestyle very much

@ > not so intense.

So they’re not heavily into progress/buttgress pics, like they were in the beginning. Like what Stephs story

looks like @ 3-5 years into it. Scroll to the bottom on the link above to see it, along with Alicia’s.

They’re more into that other 65% of non-workout/nutrition stuff. Which is why there’s been such a big focus

on it this year.

Yes… Being active on the formula that ‘got you there’ is important.

But that’s why we have stages 3-4, to cater to the various needs of S-curve members along the way.

It’s been evolving to this point for the past few years. And does so every year. So ya… It’s much more than

‘fitness’. Much more.

Just like the ultimate travel-curvish goal that is set here for when you get to 90-100% S-curvish.

Like what you see in Alicia’s most recent travel-curvish ‘3rd’ pic.

But… As I said on > SundayIt’s OK to be 70% S-curvish. And you should never miss out on ‘life’ events

just because you aren’t 90-100% S-curvishly happy.

Which is why Alicia is living it up before her 90-100% kicks in.

Does she have to rush to get there?

Nope. And you won’t have to either. If you follow the set timeline. And when you succeed @ following the set

timeline. Because everything is proven.

And then… We can start having fun with everything. Like I said in the ‘not so intense’ newsletter above :D.

Yes… You’ll go through grind stages, hissy fits and all of that. But fun can be had, as we work together

towards your goals.
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