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Buzzers… Monday…

September is in full swing. As I predicted… The season ‘vibe’ has indeed changed. Everyone is back on @ normal daily life shenanigans. September 1st is like the second January 1st of the year.

And if you’re really serious. Like some of last weeks new members. Then starting on the > 6 months ‘in advance’ option, is the way to go @ set it, forget it and work it.

Another thing that has changed. Is that the men have come back in full force over the past 2 years.

We started off fixing men. And then women (Due to to demand), from 2010.

Now it’s men and women. And women with their boyfriends/husbands.

Do men and women have to do things differently?

A little… Yes. But everything is always tailored. Via 121 coaching and your LIVE update member page. So you don’t have to worry about anything. Once you start.

Last week… I said this…

– New people that arrive in S-curve world… Will see and start, on > stages 1-4.
– Seasoned followers/S-curve members = > This page 

And if you’ve been following the FB stories. You’ll have seen that I said 1st Sept, is like Jan 1st, all over again.

And so far… I’ve been right. Because new people have been flooding in. And jumping into stages 1-4.

And seasoned followers/past members. Have been jumping in on that page above.

So today… The following. Is an explanation for the new people here.

Let’s get into it…

Stage 1 – $20 (7-10 days)

– 1 chosen video, from an official S-curve workout routines (15 in total to choose from).
– The protocol S-curve meal structure. And a focus on just sticking to that, consistently.

Stage 2 – $70 (Max 28 days)

– 1-5 videos from an official S-curve workout routines.
– The protocol S-curve meal structure. And a focus on just sticking to that, consistently.

Stage 3 – $150 (Lifestyle Phase) or $300 (Results Phase) every month

– Mindset coaching (You could call it ‘therapy’).

– Lifestyle coaching (We start to fit the S-curve formula elements, into your daily life).
– Unlimited 121 coaching chats.
 Strength and exercise progression module (Not doing this, is part of the reason why you don’t see significant physical changes).
– Deeper level nutrition coaching (This is mostly what happens in the 121 coaching chats, long after the first 30 days).- The introduction of the Tailored Daily Exercise video (This will keep you on the wagon and boost the speed of your results).

– The official S-curve formula food types list (There’s 7 in total. And you will use them all, over a 12 month period).

– The tweak weeks workout module (This is what you’ll use over time. Because it allows you to tweak your workouts on your own, without the 121 coaching).

– Daily reporting of the meals that you eat (This works better than you could ever imagine).

If you’re new here. Stage 3 is where you need to be. Because we simply stop fudging around. And put the S-curve formula to work. In all it’s entirety.> You see this message here @ one of yesterday’s convo.

If that’s you. Stage 3 is where you need to be.

It’s September now. You have until November. And again, until February. To blitz through with the results. And to then… Start enjoying the rest of the S-curve experience.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– > Waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Follow @fitbuzz Instagram to see why.

– > Sunday is funday

– Still > Bora Bora


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