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The S-curve formula. It’s a weekend of ‘coming up for air’ for me. But without the TC2.0 shenanigans. Anyway… It’s newsletter time. So let’s get into it….

The game of business… And losing fat (Not weight)

A lot of people are ‘playing the game’ of business/losing fat… In their heads. But for many who are… They soon realise that they are still fat @ body. Or still broke @ business (Although there are ‘layers’ to this @ business).

They’re simply not doing what is necessary, in order to win.

It’s OK to seek outside help. And if you do so. Get it from a source that has a proven history of giving good help.

That’s why we post progress pics. Turned them into S-curve member stories. And more recently. Ramped up reposting them.

And it’s also why we went more LIVE with everything. Every single day.

Like me, meeting a lot of people this year. Bringing them into the 121 chats. Doing > screenshots of those chats. And posting them here in the newsletter. For you to see.

There’s 2 main things that you’re pushed to do, once you become a member (At any level)#1 Make you have ‘come up for air’ moments. Where you’re in a place that’s totally different, to your ‘day to day norm’ locations.

#2 Get you to do stuff. That’s totally different than what you’ve done before @ workouts/nutrition.

Both of those together, is all it usually takes to fix you.

#1 Works… Because it takes you away from the things that cause the same daily thought patterns.

#2 Works… Because you start working with someone. Who has a fresh set of eyes about you. So they (Me in this case). Will start to see things about you. That you don’t see in yourself. Because you see it all the time.

Just like how you see yourself in the mirror everyday. And don’t notice the physical changes, that everyone around you, is saying they can see.

Moment of truth/Breakthrough ‘over’.


I know there’s only one S-curve formula…


But what does that actually look like?

I’ve explained this before. But it must be repeated again. Because that ‘repeating’… Is a habit building shenanigan.

This question came up. Because the progress pics started trending again yesterday.

So… Let me walk you through it…


It doesn’t matter which payment plan option you start on (They exist, to cater to the different lifestyle types that you’ve revealed in the 121 chats).

The formula from start to finish, 0-100% S-curvish. Is the same, every time.

What it looks like…

Month #1

– Day 1 selfie/belfie
– Setting the foundation of what your new #boutine should look like
– Learning what foods and workouts will ‘work’ with you
– Push for 7-21 day noticeable results
– Get you doing your first Tailored Daily Exercise video consistently

Months #2-4

– Ease into a Lifestyle phase
– Habit building shenanigans
– Start to focus on strength and exercise progression
– Change your TDE every month
– Take a new selfie/belfie every month
– Switch your workout routine every 4-6 weeks, to outpace the rate at which your body adapts to change


Some variation of the above.

It of course is a lot more detailed than that. But that’s why we have 121 Messenger coaching chats. Chat content… That will then appear on your LIVE update member page.

I’ll do part 2 to that back to school list tomorrow. It didn’t happen today. Because as usual… The daily newsletter is written LIVE and in the moment.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– More S-curve experience shenanigans

– The > sun hat
– The > fanny pack (Scan the Pinterest feed via More buzz @ why @ both items)

 Current focus @ S-curve formula variations> ‘Interval phase’ and ‘Just fix my #boutine’


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