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Buzzers… Monday…

… Confirmed a photo of you on Facebook.

The weekend is over. I got myself some solid R & R. It’s a new week. So let’s get into it!
There is just ONE S-curve formula. You go through the process. You win… Simples. Like… Really.
And today… Most of you will just message direct when you want to start or ask about something.
But… I will always show you the different S-curve formula ‘variations’ that are trending. That people are starting on.
Like right now. It’s….
– > Ménage a trois-curvish (Announced yesterday, because of Fridays in-person meet ups)
– > Monthly payments (Lifestyle phase/Results phase)
And at some point on your journey. You’ll get notifications like today’s headline on your mobile devices. When people start tagging you in photos. Since you’ll be a lot less scared to take them, once you’re at 60% S-curvish or above.

Going long term

– Future local meet ups
– Local TC2.0 trips
– 90-100% S-curvish
We’ve been into this for 9 years already. It started off with just ‘fitness’. And today, we’ve organically evolved into an S-curve experience.
And last week… I highlighted the fact that a lot of FitBuzzers, have been starting their own business’s in recent years.
That often comes with a steep learning curve. And you’ll usually take a while before you learn everything you need to, at that level.
> Buzzcoin is a place where you can get your feet wet.
And at this point in time. It’s still early to get in. And simply let your assets gradually grow on there.
The industry will evolve. And whatever it evolves into… Will be used within this S-curve experience, in some way, shape or form.
But for the short term. If you are new. And interested in adding additional incomes streams to your arsenal @ business minded. Then… You can be a member that has money problems to worry about, no more.
This isn’t related to all members of course. Since we have S-curve members that went the ‘higher end’ route @ Results phase and Pre-paid.
Note: if you went the ‘higher end’ route. It means you’ll have been an active member for some time.
Which means you might be interested in the S-curve member partnership program. Since being a member, is the first qualification you’d need, in order to be a successful partner.
But the group of members that the above relates to… Exists.
So sign up on there if that’s you. And over time. You’ll learn, from the resources that I share with you @ long term view.
The big picture goal here. Is to help you in all the areas, that you’ve been asking for help with.

Sh*ts not perfect

For the past 2-3 years… We have been using a LIVE update member page for S-curve members. And  not the static one that we used to use (circa 2014).
Because sh*ts not perfect.
What I mean by that… Is that there are good and bad things that happen in your life… Every single day.
And without monitoring it (Which is what happens with a LIVE update member page)… You will likely fall off and fail.
It even happened with > this new S-curve member recently.
Excited as ever on day 1. Then boom. ‘Life’ problems kick in.
That’s why you’re encouraged to choose prepaid or monthly payments on day 1. Because then you get all the bells and whistles that exist within the S-curve formula. Namely 24/7 121 FB Messenger coaching. Because as the past has shown. That without it…
– You lose motivation
– Get distracted by outside forces
– Begin to fall off
– Stop following the formula that causes you to be successful

The ‘end goal’ pics (See ‘what’s trending’ below)

The no.1 reason why you see more pics of associates on the social channels. And less S-curve member results (Chat screenshots and before/afters). Is because they motivate you.
I can send you more ‘screen shot response pics’ of people who want to start, due to eyeing up
motivation pics. Compared to those who want to start, because of eyeing up before and after pics.
The only thing that comes close to increased motivation, due to social media posts. Is journey stories of S-curve members.
Which is why we created S-curve member stories.
Every minute of the day is a good time to start/fix YOUR journey!

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– > The S-curve in all it’s glory


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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