Rock, Hip hop or Pop music for improving your workout?

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Best workout music for working out in the gymIt has been proven scientifically that listening to music while working out will get you better results. First you will notice that you will be able to do more exercises at a higher intensity. Second you won’t feel as tired after a workout. You feel energized and powerful if you listen to the right kind of workout music. The world is yours.

Getting motivated through music is a pleasure for many people. Some cannot exercise without listening to some good workout music. The kind that makes your blood flow faster. Of course there are people that could care less about music while working out. But still they should exercise listening to music to increase the effectiveness of the workout. If you go to the gym I hope they play good workout music. If not an mp3-player full of energetic and rhythmic music would be really helpful and recommended.

You cannot listen to the same music regardless of what type of exercises you are doing. For yoga or Pilates exercises, you should choose more calm meditative music that helps you achieve inner-peace. For jogging you need some energizing dance or pop songs. Create a playlist of songs you like that make you feel a rush of energy and start jogging.

A doctor form the English Brunel University has studied for 20 years the effects of music on the athletic performances of athletes. All the testing lead him to the conclusion that the best beat for working out is found in the range of 120-140 beats per minute. You need to listen to such a song while working out to get motivated. Maybe there is a correlation to the fact that your heart beats 120-140 times per minute while you workout, reaching even 160 beats per minute. Usually the rock and dance songs have between 120-140 beats per minute. The name of the doctor is Costas Karageorghis.

At the gym you should listen to hip-hop or rock: Metalica, DMX, Jay-Z, AC\DC, Scooter, Guns N’Roses, Iron Maiden, Bon Jovi, ATB, Billy Idol….

A workout music top made by Fitness Magazine includes some of the most enduring and famous songs out there used by people while working out. Listen to music while working out and you will have a more intense and great workout.

What are your favorite workout songs?

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