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Buzzers… Saturday…

This is one of those ‘fun time’ weekends in S-curve world. Especially amongst some FitBuzzers/members. And it is for me… @ some of yesterdays FB status updates.

I blame it on the Friday 13th vibes. Hehe.

Today’s headline

Is all about reminding you about stuff. On the newsletter and inside the program.

That’s one of the jobs here. Because the reason you fail @ results. Is because you’re too busy in life… To remember all the things that need to be done, in order to start improving it. Physically and mentally.

That’s why we have mentors, teachers, family, spouses to ‘hold us down’ in the various situations that we encounter.

So let’s continue on @ yesterday’s newsletter theme.

S-curve member stories

You all know we recently introduced the S-curve member podcast. I’m not sure who will be next. As we’re working around peoples busy schedules (busy ‘fun’ schedules too).

But if I look at all those members I messaged. They have all been here since 2012 and beyond (S-curve world started about 18 months before that).

This is a lifestyle full of ups and downs. And less ‘downs’ have started to happen. Since members eventually embraced the S-curve formula in full.

But the S-curve member stories exist, to document that journey. > Look at Steph. That’s a great example of what life really looks like. She displays all 4 parts of the S-curve experience in that pic.

So keep in mind… That’s the outlook we have for you. Before you start (You reading this today) and long after you start.


– Whey and casein are the only ones you NEED to add to your food shopping list.
– We also use them to boost the nutrient profile of ‘food’.
– If you do intend to add other supplements to your food list. Then focus on what nutrients are inside.

What ever you see… Should help complete the nutrients required, for an S-curve meal. Or to add to the lifestyle aspect of it. Like hemp whey…

It contains more mono/poly fats than regular whey. Which means it can make for a good morning shake. Or to add to cereals and slow digestion through one meal (Not sure about the taste on that one though).

Length of time @ results

We can predict, almost 100% how long your results will take, just by looking at your current day selfie.

But in general…. It’ll take longer, the higher your BF% is. And quicker the lower your BF% is.

It’s the weekend. So use it to have fun or talk it out by adding/replying.

And > More buzz for daily updates.


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