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Remember… You can invite 1 lucky friend for free, to join you on > stage 1 for the remaining days of January 2018.

This means, that (As of fall 2017) you will both get a LIVE update member page on day 1, with your stage 1 info on it to kick things off.

This is important. Because it’s at this point, where you’ll start to see things make sense for ‘you’. Especially if you’ve been failing.

Our main goal this year… In regards to stages 1-4…

– Put more of you through a consistent (at least 6 month) plan.

– Create super duper > S-curve member stories out of them.

Today’s headline

2017 was a year when people started to approach me about the business side of things that go on here.

One individual wanted to learn about the newsletters. So I showed him the archives (Aka RECAPO). And the broke butt mountain (Past newsletter) subject line stick with him.

But I used it today… To create part 2 to Saturdays newsletter @ fixing the broken you. So let’s get into it.

We’ve agreed that it’s all about…

– 121 chat sessions (How frequent is up to you… Or for me to decide for you).

– Bodyweight movements to trigger a shred (It’s one of the 7 S-curve weight training routines to trigger growth in certain areas of your body… You’ll do all of them at some point, over time).

But the best way to actually begin. Is for us to put visuals in your head, of what working beyond 4 weeks ‘looks’ like.


That’s where we’ll live most of the time. And you can send a message at any time of the day. I’ll be right there.

Streaming videos

Yup… You’ll be doing a lot of that daily. The videos are 2-5-10 minutes long. And repeating them isn’t a bad thing either. As repeatedly hearing the tips throughout the videos, will make things stick.

The super market video

This is where I walk through the supermarket and explain the protocol S-curve meal structure, as I’m food shopping. So you might watch that from time to time.

Your member page

You can load it up from anywhere. And the updates appear on one page.

That’s it.

It’s all pretty simple. Just…

– Send your questions across.
– Follow the plan that’s given.
– And message whenever you have a question.

Some random blueprint tips

#1 You can’t workout ‘all time’. Doing so will make you look like your 70% best, at any given time.


– Take an entire week off every 2-3 months.
– Do Mon/Weds/Fri and Mon/Thurs/Sun workout weeks.

#2 It’s not always about fixing the large muscle groups. As the smaller ones can enhance the look of the

larger muscle groups.
– This is where the TDE videos come into play.
– Strength and exercise progression too. Since some of the advanced exercises help with this.
Tomorrow’s newsletter will be based the chats that I have with everyone today.

#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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