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It’s still a long weekend in some parts of the world today.

And some of us in S-curve world, still work on the weekends. But the overall vibe with everyone involved here (Behind the scenes people too). Was to unwind and have fun on ‘this’ weekend.

I felt it in full force, in most of Fridays convos.

So… I too did that for one and a half days. Which basically meant coming up for air 100%.

In the ‘S-curve experience way’ that I’ve been talking about in recent months.

It does feel like the best thing ever. And it’s the perfect way to kick start fall season 2017. So if you can take

it easy… If only a little for another day (today). Then do it.

And that extra mind and body rest, will give you a physical results boost too!

S-curve blueprint tips time

#1 Help a friend out…

One of the favorite things I like doing when in the city. Is meeting up with new people. As I learn new things every single time.

Especially as those convos help us shape the S-curve experience into what it needs to be. As most convos confirm the need for the existence of most of the elements that are present within the S-curve formula.


– End of day reports
– The new official food lists
– Real long term strength/exercise progression
So with that in mind… Listen to what your close friends and family say when talking to you. They could be indirectly telling you about their problems.

Which might mean that they need some S-curve love in their life. A lifestyle that you could introduce them to. As you too are living it.

#2 Super saiyan S-curve

Yup… I have indeed grown up around the Dragon Ball Z era. Just ‘YouTube’ those first two words if that sounds foreign to you :D.

Now… I’m going to give you an advanced exercise for the most ‘reported’ problematic body parts.

The only catch is… You’re going to have to advance to them, if you’re a beginner/intermediate trainee, via the S-curve formula strength/exercise progression process on the > lifestyle phase.

As it’s proven to be the most successful way to get there.


– Feet raised tricep push ups – Ok… You’ll still fail a little… So here’s an exercise that you’ll do before moving onto that…

– Laying close grip super rep barbell tricep extensions.

Upper butt

– Heavy ankle weight feet raised quadruped hip extension.

The fat that sits on your sides

– Heavy ankle weight walking knee to elbows.

– The wall variation of the rotary hold.

Lower belly
– Super rep hanging half leg raises – Possibly with ankle weights. But on a results phase ONLY. As it’s fudging
hard and painful!
Reps and sets will vary @ all the above, based on current body type and other individual factors.

And now… You have to go and ‘do’. And we have work to do together on the results and lifestyle phase.

It’s fall season now. So your body is about to experience all of the 60-100% S-curve results stuff. Which will be fully noticeable by the start of summer 2017, in the countries that sit high above the equator.

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