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Buzzers… Wednesday…
I think you all know that I’m a Marvel heroes TV/movie fan. And I ‘just’ got back from watching the new Avengers film. Which basically dropped on my birthday.
And all I can say… Is that it’s arguably the best super hero movie of the past 5-10 years. It was even reflected in the length of the queues.
If you’re into that stuff… Don’t miss this one!

So yesterday…

I talked about dealing with a lot more people, outside of the world of FitBuzzers and S-curve members.

– Sponsors
– Partners
– The ‘men’ who have returned (It started with the partners of S-curve member ladies)
– Cafepress and Skreened
– And last year… People who were clueless about this world that we live in here, until they met me.
– ‘Travel’ folks

This is proof that we’re more of an S-curve experience now.

And the one place to find everything, is on Which is the site that started all of these S-curve shenanigans, before it became that.

This newsletter is published on there daily aswell.

Of course… YOU don’t need to go there. You have the newsletter and More buzz. But I had to mention this, as there’s a lot of activity on there at present.

If there’s anything that interests you on here right now. The best thing to do, is to jump on Messenger. Seriously. That’s where everyone is.

That’s where I’ll be today. So for now… I’ll leave you with some rapid fire blueprint tips…

Off the top of my head…

#1 Limit squat and deadlift activity.
#2 No fruit before going to sleep.
#3 Lateral raises is on exercise you’ll want to avoid, to avoid boob shrinkage.
#4 Do one exercise everyday without fail, that targets your weakest looking body part
#5 Look at the S-curve meal structure… And choose food sources that are ‘very’ high, in the required  ingredients.
#6 All foods on this planet are yours to eat. It’s all about the when and how…
#7 Take one week off from your workouts every 3 months.
#8 You can solve most of your ‘body’ issues… Simply by sticking to 40 grams of fat everyday, without fail
#9 Mental stress really can affect your physical results. So make sure you get those TC2.0 trips in whenever you can!


#1 Message first, reply second (If you’re brand new… Do the opposite and start the new Stage 1 on
More buzz below).
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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