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Buzzers… Monday…

‘Remind me’ is actually in regards to > this song.

But today’s newsletter is like one big reminder though. So let’s get into it…

#1 To kick start the week

Like I said last week… We do give some initial S-curve meal ideas. But it’s more ‘normal’ to create your own meals.

You just need to throw the foods that you do like, into the S-curve meal structure (See More buzz).

We practice this in the real world, from Mon-Thurs every week, via > this album. So keep an eye on that, so that the habit of creating S-curve meals, ‘sticks’.

Because nutrition is the area that 99% of people here, are messing up on.

If you really want to fix that problem. You’ll jump on stage 3. As that’s the best place to get help with that.

#2 Turn on post notifications


In S-curve world… Turn it on, if you’re following on @shauntls > @fitbuzz via Instagram. There are

approximately 5 posts everyday.

The reason why you’ll do it on those accounts. Is for the daily motivation fix.

– Bikini-curvish
– OOTD-curvish
– OOTN-curvish (Late night too… You know you love that as well)
– Travel-curvish

#3 Social web = Fun/Newsletter and S-curve formula = Serious

Why it’s like that?

Because you probably wouldn’t be reading this if it wasn’t.

We focus on the S-curve experience now. But the first reason that you are here, is to fix your body and mind (Followed by an improved lifestyle).

Fixing your body takes work. And is perceived as a daunting task. Aka… Not fun.

Which is why most people don’t end up doing anything about it. Until it’s too late. So to help you get there… We focus on pushing the ‘fun’ stuff out there, to lure you in. To get you excited.

Then at some, you’ll end up on the email/FB Messenger newsletter.

At which point, you get to see the real stuff that goes on around ‘ere. Especially once you decide to jump on > the stages or experiments.

So… We have the best of both worlds. You’ll see every little detail, if you follow my own profile below.

#4 S-curve formula quick tips

– Less ‘frequent’ squatting.

– Less slow-go 1-2 hour cardio sessions (Treadmill).

– No fruit at night
– To start with… Just eat until you feel content @ meals.

– Start your workouts with an effective exercise that you suck at… That targets your most desirable body part (That you want to fix).

– Consistent intensity, is one of the reasons why you would see improved results, from starting on stage 3. One thing that we do weekly… Is to make sure that your Mon-Weds workout days are your hardest.

This only applies to you if you’re on a Results Phase though.

#5 The best S-cuvre formula blueprint tips, are those are specific to you ‘today’.

The only way to get that to you… Is by striking up a 121 chat. Which can then lead to future 121 coaching chats.


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
FB messenger app:
Skype: chamileon857
Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls
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