Reducing Lower Back Pain by Using Exercises to Increase Strength

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Lower back pain is something that thousands of people have to deal with every single day. Not only can it be extremely painful, but it can also mean limitations when it comes to everyday life. For some people it means that they can’t sit down for long periods of time; this could have a negative impact on their work. For others, it means that they can no longer engage in the sports that they love.

The causes of back pain can vary tremendously. Here are some of the main causes of lower back pain:

  • Bad posture for long periods of times
  • Lifting items without a straight back
  • Stretching incorrectly
  • Slouching at a computer desk or when driving
  • Sporting injuries such as RSI (repetitive strain injury)

Many people that have lower back pain feel like it is something that they have to deal with; it won’t go away. The reality is that this is something that can be prevented, but also cured. Obviously prevention techniques relate to everything that has been mentioned above. You might have considered the fact that you could use pain relief medication, but all that really does is shifts the problem rather than remove it.

So What Is The Answer?

Regular exercise! People that regularly exercise are able to increase the strength in their back. Most therapists will recommend exercising for around 15-20 minutes per day. This will slowly strengthen the muscles in your back and help to improve your posture. Here are some exercises that are going to help.

Wall Squats

You’ll need to try and work every part of your back, which is why wall squats are thrown into the mix. With your back flush against a wall and your feet around 30cm away, bend down to a 45 degree position. You should be able to hold this position for 5-6 seconds. You might only be able to do this 3-4 times to begin with, but aim to eventually hit 10 repetitions. The focus of this exercise is a straight back and therefore, an improvement in posture.

Heel Slides

Most of the exercises that deal with back pain are far from intense. Take heel slides for instance. All you need to do is lie on your back and slowly bend and straighten your leg. You will be sliding your heels along the floor. This will slowly flex the muscles in your back. There is no need to take your heels off the floor, as this will put unnecessary pressure on your back. Doing just 10-12 of these per day will make a huge difference.

Leg Raises

Leg raises are an essential of many gym routines. Generally for intense gym routines, the person exercising will aim to raise both legs at a time. For people trying to combat back pain, raising one leg at a time puts less pressure on the back. The leg that is not being raised should be left bent. Aim to hold your leg 15-20cm off the floor for around 5 seconds. Repeat this 5 times for each leg.

Therapeutic Exercises

Therapy is a great way to overcome lower back pain. The problem for most people is that at around £40 per hour, it is simply too expensive. If you injured your back during an accident that was not your fault, then you could be eligible for back injury compensation. Although you might not have considered this in the past, the money from compensation could allow you to get some professional helped from a trained therapist.

Alex is an extremely enthusiastic blogger than loves to write about all kinds of subjects.  After injuring his back whilst taking part in yoga he now advises people on the ways to reduce lower back pain.

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