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We’re going to do a special kind of blueprint tips day tomorrow. It’ll be something that you can print out or bookmark for on-going reference.

But today… We’re actually going to do a recap of everything that’s happened this week.

It’s been an eventful one too. So let’s get into it.


What we discussed here… Is the first thing that I highlight in brand new conversations that I have with people…
If they’re interested in fixing elements of their lifestyle/body.

Because it’s the balancing act of everything that’s listed there @ what’s causing the problem in the first place.

Technology + Time saving tools are the backbone of the formula.


This is where I talked about what it’s actually like to officially start @ chill vibes. And to highlight some of the

ways that we’re using technology to make that a great experience.

Because a lot of people who don’t start. Over think actually starting.

They (Or you) might think it’s some big event that needs to occur. And it’s not. You could actually be reading

this on the sofa. Roll over to the kitchen/floor and begin.

The one thing you will need to do though. Is to prepare your mindset. Which is usually all sorted by your 2nd

week @ listen to the S-curve member podcast.


That was an ‘in person’ event day here @ meeting FitBuzzers and potential S-curve members. Which you

would have seen on here and definitely on FB if we’re added.

And of course… Some actionable blueprint tips.


Was basically a review and part 2 to Wednesday. Some of this stuff might relate @ you. So give that an



Gosh… That event did spark some fire. And the conversations are still going on since that day.

Which is why Friday was a part 3.

So if you want to see what the stuff going on in your head looks like… @ issues addressed LIVE and in the

moment. Then read those 3 newsletters.


It’s always good to use the weekends to recoup. And we did that yesterday, by looking over all the things that

we have going on in S-curve world.

We do a similar thing every 4-6 weeks, when working with you over the long term.

Which definitely helps @ keeping you on the right path. And… To check that progress is actually being made.

Which is what we did LIVE, with > this lady.

Add below (First). Reply (Second). And > More buzz for daily updates.


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