Reality vs fakality (S-curve member podcast-ish, is here)

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Yesterday… We had our first > S-curve member podcast. With S-curve member Shawn, who started in
July/August 2017.

I’ve only just got back into this ‘recording LIVE chat’ world. So it’s just a straight raw recording. With no bells

or whistles added. So just let it play in your ears. In good old podcast fashion. Usually in the background whilst you’re doing other things.


– Shawn’s foundation month results success process explained (This is what’s supposed to happen with everyone that starts).

– Putting the food shopping trip video (Yesterday’s newsletter) to use and it’s effectiveness.

– Working and working out remotely (Yup… This is becoming a fave ‘confirmed’ S-curve experience shenanigan).

– Several tips given throughout, from myself. And talking about ‘life’ stuff ,that must be discussed. In order to
effectively push forward with your plans.
– And a lot of other gems that confirm a lot of what is talked about in the newsletter.

Reality vs fakalilty

You know… Now that everyone is ‘on the internet’ today. It’s become easier for people to be more ‘fake’ with the stuff that they post.

You know… Like…
– ”Life is awesome”
– Relationship goal pics
– Posting old holiday pics as if they’re there ‘today’

Just… S*** that’s all BS, in comparison to what their actual daily life looks like.

People can do that all they want. But if you ‘smarten up’. You can see through the BS… After watching  someone’s activity for a while.

And you’re only hurting yourself if you’re doing that. Instead of fixing the issues in your life.

Kinda like you, if you’re reading this and holding back from becoming an official member. When you know you should. I’ve spoken to several of you this year, who are doing that.. And you are indeed being put through the process that helps you get over that. Even if you don’t realise it.


If a business, or some entity that you follow for a ‘fix’, is doing that. Then that’s a red flag @ ‘trust’ shenanigans.

I knew the internet would come to this state eventually (I was explaining this to folks in 2005 @ e-commerce


Which is why we started to do everything LIVE. Last year. And this year… To naturally evolve into a full

experience @ lifestyle with your real world folks involved.

– You know exactly where I am, in the offline world @ the start of every newsletter.
– The shenanigans album (above) shows you what’s going on at any given time.
– All online folks from around the world and people I meet offline are on that FB profile below (I’ve merged


So ya… It’s all real.

And in S-curve world…

– Hall of fame chat screens
– S-curve member stories
– The recorded chats… Not calling it a podcast… Yet. Podcast-ish.
– LIVE update S-curve member pages
– 121 chats 24/7

So there… That’s some ‘trust’ shenanigans for you to consider.

But talking of LIVE. It was impossible not to mention the Las Vegas incident yesterday. As many FitBuzzers

live there. And were declaring themselves ‘safe’, all over social media.

That alone is one reason for going totally LIVE now. So let’s hope for more good vibes, to come out of this big

bad world.
Blueprint tips time…
I was going to… But I’ll save it for tomorrow. But one place you need to keep an eye on… Is the shenanigans photo/video album on my own FB profile below. And more recently… > Yesterday’s meal update.
Reply to talk… You KNOW adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for daily updates.


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