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Buzzers… Thursday…

So… As a newsletter reader. You would have seen that Stages 1–4 over on > More buzz, has been built up, over time.

Via proven science and real world experiences. Just look back at the > past 9 years (Side bar menu) if you need a reminder.

And yesterday… We launched a > new official program

Because it’s the solution that makes sense. To all those that I’ve been talking to, daily. Especially offline.

It’s a s*** load of people I’m talking here. So I know the ‘need’ is real. 


The reality is… You could consume this newsletter. And get fixed… Without paying for anything with money. In terms of getting a physical and mental fix.

However… Most people don’t have…

– The time to do that @ grown ass adult with life responsibilities.

– Won’t value the free newsletter info enough, to take serious action on it (Because it’s free).

= Dilemma

So… That’s why we have a program ‘system’ in place. It kills that dilemma and gets you what you wanted, the moment you decided to sign up to the newsletter.

It’s all about value. And that’s in regards to anything in life.


– If you don’t value yourself in high regard. No one else will either. Because you’ve given them permission not to value you.

– If you get anything of value, that’s been given to you for free. You won’t value that either. And you’ll let it break down, without caring much about it.

– Relationships – If you make it too easy for a guy to win you over (In the beginning). His value perception of you may become a little lower.

Also… 121 chats play a major part in all of this.

Because yes… You’ll now value the information. Now that you’ve paid for it with money. But… Motivation dies over time. And it’s a visual or verbal message that will help to keep it alive. For the long term.

So once again… You can get that for free. Via social media posts and the daily newsletter.

But paying with money, to get that special 121 connection. Is what will get you the real motivation you need to succeed.


Becoming S-curvish is just the start of the journey in today’s S-curve experience.

But it’s an important start. Because the motivation that you gain there. Is what pushes you to want to experience the outfits, Travel-curvish and TC2.0 trips.

But yes… The above, really is the reality. And motivation conquers all. It’s why you do anything at all.

So if you’re going to be starting the official > S-curve interval phase. The above explanation, will be the reason why.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– The > van life

– Summer > S-curve bodyweight shenanigans

– > Answer the damn phone

– > Sun bum

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