Real Tweaks Happen After The Explosion

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I thought those things only happen in wars and stuff?

Yes they do. But I’m talking about building muscle here.

You see… Whether you are new to building muscle or not. You would have experienced an explosive initial growth when you first lifted a dumbbell.

‘You broke your muscle building virginity’

You know the feeling right?

  • Sore for the first 7-10 days
  • Muscles feeling tense (You actually think you have grown because of how you feel, when you’ve actually probably shrunk)

Of course you know the feeling. And it’s great! And then you actually notice muscles that pop out that you didn’t even think existed. You begin to feel like one of these guys…


Keep this up for 30 days and building 14lbs or more of muscle mass is highly achievable and highly probable. So I guess what I said in this post is reality… for the short term at least.

In my view, this is the best feeling you’ll EVER get throughout your fitness and bodybuilding life. Mainly because it’s a new and fresh experience for you. There really is nothing quite like your first time. 😉

However, it won’t take long until that inital honey moon period is over. Just like a male/female relationship… give it 3 months, and you’ll find that the happy fun period suddenly becomes less fun. And then problems arise. And in the case of building muscle?

  1. – You can’t seem to progress and lift any heavier weight
  2. – You may even notice that your muscles start to shrink
  3. – You get frustrated and get demotivated
  4. – You look the same year after year!

With that being the case, it’s time that you refocus your mindset for your next workout. Because all the above points really are not cool.

The refocus

#1  You can’t seem to progress and lift any heavier weight

This is the most common scenario in the gym. People lifting weights month after month, year after year, without seeing any real progress in both strength and size gains. This happens because of one main reason.

‘Because you are trying to gain too quickly’

Like I’ve said once before. The main reason you want to gain quickly is because of your ego. Maybe to impress the ladies. Who knows. But quit it already. Just like a male/female relationship, once that honeymoon period is over, you’re going to have to work at that relationship to keep it fresh. To keep it from going stale.

The same thing you need to do with your muscles!

The only thing you should be doing is focusing on slow growth and steady progress. For two main reasons…

  1. It’s the only way you’ll actually grow
  2. It’s the only way to gauge and understand what is working/ not working for your body

Hence the title of this post ‘Real tweaks happen after the explosion’.

  • You may have bulked quickly (Honeymoon period) and gained some extra stomach fat. Maybe cut carbs and increase protein intake
  • Your bench press gains may have flattened some what. Maybe switched things up and perform more pull ups and barbell rows for assistance
  • (#2) Your muscles have shrunk! More sleep? Add a deload week? Take a month off working out? Shorter workout period? Less exercise?

That list could go on and on and on. I will be covering many of these causes and more shortly, and whatever your cause is, you’ll have a solution.

#3 You get frustrated and get demotivated

The only reason this happens is because you have seen a lack of real progress. It’s natural. But one thing you have to understand here is that this WILL happen. It’s just a question of when?

When it does happen, all you need to do is STOP! And go back to the drawing board. Find out what your ‘today’ One Rep Max’s are and start over (This is what you base your future reps/sets/weights on you see). Refresh and start the honeymoon period all over again. Obviously it won’t be the same like the first time around… it never is. But utilizing this method to progress will work for years to come. How do you think people manage to stay married for so long? They work at it, change things up, refresh and recycle. And you will do the same.

#4 You look the same year after year!

This is a problem that I’ll soon fix for you all. Because what’s the point of looking like everyone else and your former self year after year. That’s what happens to 90% of gym goers. The main thing you need to do here is take a maximum of 1 year to build the body of your dreams (Easily done… no excuses here) and then maintain and tweak your results over the 2nd year. That’s the short version of your fitness plan. Follow that methodology and you certainly won’t look the same year after year. And you’ll probably be inspired to take up some kind of career in fitness at this point. Heck…. you’ll probably get approached by some industry guy/gal to become a spokesperson/fitness competitor. But like I said, this is just the short version… for now.

Now… I am still working on the early version of ‘the solution’ for all of you… and I’m keeping the theme of the program Stayfitbug style… as that’s what ‘I’ know most of you like and are used to on this site (More info coming up shortly). However, over the weekend, I watched a video by nutritionist Kyle Leon… and I do like the focus of his program, on being ‘diet precise’. Although not for everyone, and something I actually won’t be pushing forward too much (Initially at least – as I don’t think this is the most important thing you need to do to enhance your fitness lifestyle) I think the video is worth a watch, because what he says does make sense. Here’s the link to his video…

Click here ===> Build Muscle with a ‘diet precise’ approach

And when I show you what ‘I ‘think is important (As a core focus of what you should keep at the forefront of your fitness mindset) in the video ‘I’ show you, you’ll be able to make your comparisons and see where I’m coming from. Never the less, watch the video. Here’s the link again.

Click here ===> Build Muscle with a ‘diet precise’ approach

And remember, real tweaks happen ‘after’ the explosion. Keep the solutions above listed in your workout mindset, and you will indeed be better off for the long term.

See you in the comments.

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