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Buzzers… Wednesday…

The newsletter is going out a little earlier today. As I’ll be away for several hours, during the regular newsletter period.

Putting myself in your shoes @ trying new things

– Cliff jumping
– Some finance stuff

– Surfing (Soon)
All of which you’ve seen me talk about in recent months…

The more I do that… The easier it is for me to see what’s it’s like for you, as you read, watch and play the content that you see here and on More buzz.

Because you’re simply learning as much as you can. Way before you even consider jumping onto a program that you have to pay for.

This is something that’s…

– Going to take up your time
– Dig into your bank account balance
– And MUST have a super valuable outcome
Putting myself in your shoes, makes it much easier to write these newsletters too.

It’s like a friend writing to a friend. Telling them what they expect to see from something they’ve already experienced themselves.

Which is why, an introduction from a friend/family member, is so much easier. As the trust is already there.

Like > these girls who came from stalking > her FB timeline.

Or just you… Reading these newsletters, looking at the back stories.

#1 – Because stories are cool.
#2 – You just get to feel the history. And you’ll instantly know if it’s authentic…. Or not.

And because of the internet, it’s too easy to do due diligence now.

So if there is any trash info about a brand or service that you want to use. You can easily find out. And if you want current day info. Just check the LIVE streams on their social media accounts.

You’ll see comments galore. And you can check to see how they’re interacting with their fan base.


Today… As a person that’s still presenting the S-curve shenanigans to you….

Just to tell you, that I’m currently experiencing ‘doing’ new things. And knows how it feels, wanting to pull the trigger to go all in, before actually doing so.

Let’s blueprint tip

#1 Your weak looking body parts

Can always be fixed by finding exercise variations that trigger growth in certain muscle groups.

It’s different for everyone.

For me… It’s calves. My lower calf muscles will never look uber strong. But I can target the smaller muscle groups down there, by pointing my feet outwards and inwards on the rep. And by bending my knees slightly. And by going ‘hard at it’ on Monday – Wednesday workouts.

This is what we find out, during your first 1-2 months as a member.

Once we find these things. It then becomes much easier to speed up your results. This is why 121 coaching and the LIVE update member page ‘rules’.

#2 Quick fire reminders

– Add A-rated raw foods to your cooked meals @ nutrient boost. Like Spirulina to your shakes. Or leafy greens to your cooked meat/rice meals.

– Do Mon/Weds/Thurs workout weeks as the norm. And do Mon/Thurs/Sun workout weeks, when you want to start seeing a results boost.

The key factor in this scenario. Is the increased rest period between the days.

– Stop holding your breath during sets. It’s killing your rep numbers. Which leads a decline in results.


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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