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Let me explain… @ Today’s headline
Being more open and ‘real’. We’ve been fully embracing that on here, every single day. Especially in the past year.

And to throw YOUR current situation in your face, via the written or spoken word.

That way… You no longer have to have the fear, of keeping your problems locked away. That’s why you also need to add on FB below… So that you can truly open up about it.

But before we get to that point… Let’s walk through the stages leading up to that point.

Again… This itself, is being open and real.

#1 You have a problem. You probably have several problems in your life actually. But you’re constantly looking for a fix.

– A life partner
– A better job situation
– The best people to keep (close) in your life
– And in regards to this newsletter… An improved body and lifestyle

#2 So you start your search, on the best places to look for that.

There are many places. But what’s the best place?

In today’s world… You’ll often head over to the internet. Or the other thing to do, is get a recommendation from a trusted friend.

#3 If it’s a friend that you turn to… You can skip to the end.

If it’s the internet… Then several key words would have lead you to this newsletter.

#4 So you’ve ended up on this newsletter… From visiting one of the social media profiles/@fitbuzz websites.

And you’ve stayed… Because somewhere in your mind… You found your fix here. Or at least some part of your fix.

#5 1-3-6 months… 2 years pass by…

Somewhere on that timeline… You start to ‘get it’. Like the guy in > this pic…

I met him back in February. He was a complete stranger to me then. And he’s not a FitBuzzer either. Because he’s a dude of course.

But what started to happen. Is that he saw the overall S-curve experience via the continuous daily updates on the Facebook profile below.And it was around May… When he became a fan of the lifestyle.

So much so… That the lady in white, on my right, in that pic (Who was a stranger on that night) became an instant FitBuzzer. Because HE connected with her. And was delighted to be a part of (And introduce others into…) what we do here.

And it’s at that point… When folks decide to become an > official member.

So… Where do you currently rank in this process at present?

– Are you ready to start… But being mentally blocked @ some of the reasons I’ve highlighted in the past 2 months?

– Are you happy that you’ve reached out about your problem. Added on FB. And just watching what we do LIVE…. Daily. Before jumping in?

– Did you start on stage 2, without even messaging first… Because you ‘get it’. But now going through mental blocks @ truly feeling the S-curve experience?

Whatever the case… Just jump into the chats, or the bot (Who knows… You might just hate my face/voice. Lol).

And whatever the case… There are many, many people… Who have overcome all of the above and

succeeded @ all of this weeks newsletters. Especially > yesterday’s.

So relax… It’s all ‘chill’ vibes when we talk. And tell me where you rank in all of this…

Reply to talk… You KNOW adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for daily updates.


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