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Buzzers… Friday…

Being out everyday, is interesting when you live in a ‘hub’. Because you get to meet a lot of people, everyday.And for me… That’s means loads of stories to tell you in S-curve world.

Because my entire life IS the S-curve experience. So naturally… That’s what most of my conversations will be about.

And today… If was a shopping trip with > this lady. Who I introduced to you all, back in February (The property lady @ friend now though).

As is it with most of this week… It was a random trip. As I walked past her on the way to the bank.

And what ended up happening. Was a mini version of > this video. Which lead to an explanation of A-F food rating chatter.

This is how the conversation went…

Her: I always see you eating chocolates (> This is a current fave). And you never get fat.

Me: Yes… That’s me, cheat snacking. Because it’s hard to eat A-rated… And not crave something a little tastier… For long periods of time.

That will only lead to binge cheating. So… I cheat snack. Aka… Eat a small amount of anything tasty… Right after an A-C rated meal.

This way… You’ll never put on any fat that ‘sticks’. Which is why I have no excess fat… With muscle bulk to match. It wasn’t like that back in Feb 2017. But it is now… Because I followed the S-curve formula rules.

(I told the same thing to Mr Interior designer and is girlfriend last night. And their eyes lit up @ ah-ha moment).

Her: Yes… I slightly remember from our gym sessions. A-F rating… What’s that again?

Me: (Standing in front of canned foods)

Well… You see that tuna.

Her: Ya…

Me: Well… You have that in your home town right… Fishing… And cooking the ones you catch.

Her: Ya.

Me: Well… That’s A-rated. It’s food in it’s most natural state. Even if you add something to taste. It’s still natural.

But this canned stuff in front of us… That is C-D rated. As it has been processed. It’ll taste better (Somewhat). But it won’t have the best effect on your results.

So… It’s all about varying your food types overall. With periods of eating all foods that fall into A-C rated.

And to then…. Cheat snack (With fruit the most), after your main meals.

To conclude

It’s the little chats like these… That end up sticking in your mind.

That was face to face. But it can happen anywhere. In FB messenger. Tumblr chats… Anywhere.

The best place to trigger our chats… Is my own FB stories. So add/follow. So that you’re open to seeing them.

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