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Buzzers… Sunday…

R & R. In S-curve world. That means TC2.0 and ‘coming up for air’.

Without that… You’re not going to reach your goals. Or get the mindset/lifestyle fix that is needed.

And for me… This weekend was all about TV shows.

I watch them, because I enjoy them. But I also watch them… Because they give me inspiration for new ideas.

It’s been a while since we’ve done a RECAPO. So we’ll do that shortly. Especially after such an eventful week.

But first…

Tis the S-curve experience (Explained)

It starts at the body (Becoming S-curvish)… @ explaining what we do, when meeting new people.

That way, they don’t get confused. They should know what we do within 30-60 seconds into the conversation.

But… They then learn what we do ‘entirely’. Over the next 2-30 days after that. At which point. They see different parts of their life being fixed.- ‘Coming up for air’
– Daily lifestyle fix (#Boutine)
– The time required, to dedicate to looking good (Simplified… @ it’s nowhere near as time consuming as one may think #Scurveformula)

And some time after that… You’ll become a member. And/Or start living the S-curve experience. Along with all the goodies you can dig into, within that @ > Morebuzz.

Now let’s…


There’s been a lot of stories this week. With a lot of screen shots. So let’s look back…


– The transition into an S-curve experience over the years. And the recent convos (Screen shots) that happened within it.


– Re-creating a game of tag… After watching a movie with ‘Tag’ as the title.
– Adding new followers into the S-curve family tree.
– Blueprint tips… Instigated by even more new conversations.


– Length of time needed to see noticeable results. And to become at least 60% S-curvish, for certain body types that you can see in the hall of fame.


– A full list of blueprint tips.


Some ‘back story’.


– You just need some one in your corner.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– > Ankle weights

– > Because

– > Swimsuit-curvish poolside moments


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