Question is… Do you put your butt on stream?

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Buzzers… Monday…


You can > answer here @ today’s headline.

The year 20xx…

You know… Every year starts the same. Resolutions are BS. So we don’t do those. But we do know that life gets re-busy… Some time after the end/start of years festivities are over.

We’ve been active with Fitbuzzers/S-curve members from 2010 – To present day.

And one thing that I can say for sure. Is that the current state of what we do in S-curve world… Had to become what it currently is @ lifestyle/experience.

Just take a look at this years > S-curve member stories.

Everyone is real… Living life. Which goes back to the link I told you to visit in > this newsletter

@ the profile pic caption.

It starts in the gym. But it doesn’t continue there.

No one is active 100% of the time. Which is why we introduced the results and lifestyle phases in August 2016. To allow ‘life’ to happen.

And in life… There are some points in time, where you get moments to sit down and ‘think’.

I’m seeing this with many of last years FitBuzzers (Not S-curve members… They’re 100% ‘in the game’ hugging up the S-curve formula entirely).

They’re now making a return, now that the first half of the year is over.

So let’s put our hands together, for many more years together in the ‘now ‘S-curve experience.

121 Messenger chats…

That’s where you need to be to win.

It doesn’t matter how we’ve connected either…

– At an event
– From the newsletter
– Over time via the @fitbuzz online activities.
– An airport
– A travel-curvish trip
– On the FB @fitbuzz page
It’s all the same. You’ll end up on Messenger. Everyone that has ‘won’ and is still winning, is there.

That’s where all the newest S-curve formula shenanigans take place.


– End of day meal reports
– What you have to do next on your plan
– Hissy fit management

The outcome of that, ends up on your LIVE update member page.

The newsletter is a great part of the formula to get you in the game. But it’s not enough on it’s

own to make you win.

Which is why we have the current day premium S-curve experience/program in place. Which is

why you’re told to get on Messenger at the end of every newsletter.

Because then… You’ll get an early feel of how we do things on there. So that you can get


On that note… It’s time to continue > yesterday’s blueprint tips

Let’s go…

A-rated ‘tasty’ foods again…

– ‘Fresh’ brown bread with raisins inside – This tastes so good… That you don’t even need to

use a spread. Everything you put in your mouth is A-rated. And it makes for one of the best cheat
snacks EVER!

– Plain low fat yoghurt with ‘separately bought’ pineapple chunks – Which is perfect for

breakfast or lunch.

– Water = A pitcher + lemons or limes + > fridge

That’ll make you ‘look forward’ to drinking more water. There’s other fruits that you can try. But you’ll be safe with those @ guaranteed to ‘like’.

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