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Buzzers… Tuesday…

First (In response to yesterday’s newsletter)

The 3 month plan…

It’s the perfect start. But usually, only for… Newsletter readers that we already have 121 conversations with.

If you’re starting for the first time. It means that there’s no ‘strong’ relationship built between us ‘yet’. Other than the connection you have, as a newsletter reader.

In which case… A > one month plan usually works best, to start with @ trust building. And because it is trust building. Feel free to message on Messenger.

About ‘trust’ 

This takes time to build. Fortunately for us. We’ve been actively building this up over a 9 year time period.

The internet is still ‘kinda’ young. And has grown over the past 9 years. As it does every year.

Yet… A large number of members, continue to return. Due to the trust bond that we’ve built. And as you may have experienced @ life… The people in your life, eventually show their true colors. The good and the bad.

We always turn up for our members. I’m pretty sure impostors enter their lives and break that trust at some point in time. At which point… They return to their trusted sources.

Find your trusted sources @ life. And stick to them!


This year has had some unexpected things happen.

We didn’t change our formula or message much (Other than the confirmation of the S-curve experience we was already living).


The people we served at the beginning in 2009. Made a mighty return.

@ Men.

See… The formula since 2010, worked and still works. Because women like to look at other women that they want to look like.

It’s an age old ‘thing’.

Men of course… Like to look at women. But our messaging kinda kept them away.

But this year. They returned. And they are embracing the S-curve formula. Especially after reading the Messenger newsletter on the FB page.

Their return might also be due to my own offline travels and meet ups. Since a lot of the men I meet, become fans.

And it’s not creepy dudes either…

– Some men are husbands of female FitBuzzers.

– Some men have wives… And want what we offer… For their wives.

– Some men just appreciate the sexy and classy pic types that you see on our feeds.

We never did stop serving the guys (Like with > this supplement) It just happened less. It became more about the woman.

In relation to yesterday’s newsletter…

You turn your body to the left. Belfie > Selfie… We turn your body into the shape of the letter ‘S’.

And over the past week. There have been some questions coming through, for those who are struggling.

So today… I’ll list the unisex answers, from the questions that have been coming through.

#1 Explain the entire use of whey protein on here.> Read this.

#2 I have struggling body parts that need to ‘grow’…

I’ll bullet point… @ help.

– You first need to follow the S-curve meal structure that you see on More buzz. Get that into your head. Because not following that eating process, is why you have struggling body parts @ not feeding them properly.

– Once that foundation is set. It’s all about doing effective exercises… Properly @ full range of motion executed on every single rep. Every single time.

– Time…

That’s all we need after that. Which is why the 3 month plan was posted in yesterday’s newsletter. As that will give us enough time, to see real results. Whilst you have access to unlimited 121 coaching.

I’ll probably continue these Q & A’s tomorrow or on some other day. But as a man or woman in S-curve world. We’ll always help.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– An > epic start to the week.

– When in the > bath.

– Becoming S-curvish > for the dress.

– > Tis the S-curve experience during summer…

FB stories on my profile below. Go there.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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