Putting belly fat into ya butt…

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It’s been a while since we’ve had a ‘body type’ 4-6 week plan, here on the

buttletter. So let’s kill the hiatus already…


A 6 week plan if you have…

#1 A high (Above 27%) BF% (Kinda overweight)

#2 High belly/lower back fat

And remember… It can only be for 4-6 weeks max.


#1 Because it’s not tailored (Gotta be responsible so that there’s no future injuries


#2 Switching up the plan is what gets done on the long term S-curve Challenge

(So… Kinda training your mindset for it).

Let’s go…

Weeks 1-3


– Push up position mountain climbers, hanging half leg raises, running on the spot…

Do all of these exercises everyday… 2 sets till failure on each (Add ankle weights).

– HIIT cycling 3 x a week for 20 mins.


– Drop your daily calorie intake by 300.

– Stick to the S-curve meal structure.

Weeks 4-6

Workout (All light weights)

> Super rep squats 2 x 20 reps

> Standing shoulder press 2 x 15 reps

> Wood choppers 2 x 20 reps each side

> Single leg feet + shoulder raised bodyweight hip thrust 2 x 20 reps

> Any variation tricep extension 2 x 20 reps

> Generic variation bicycles (Until you can do no more)

1.5 minute rest between exercises.


– S-curve meal structure… But vary your food types.

– Increase your calorie intake again (+300).

Months 3-4 and beyond will look very different to the above, if on a long term plan.

Current members… Ignore the above. Stick to YOUR plan!

You don’t fit the above body type?

Just reply to talk about it.

Happy Tuesday.



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