Putting a Q & A tattoo on your booty

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Or triceps… Lower belly… Upper chest…

Since those are the key areas where almost all FitBuzzers/S-curve members want a physical fix.

Buzzers… Day after Tuesday/Thanksgiving for Canadian Fitbuzzers…

Now… We all know that every single move that we make here, on a daily basis… Is all about the experience… The S-curve experience (Talking like James Bond).

And yesterday, for me… Was about working remotely, in the city, in the evenings. At locations > like this.

Our first podcast-ish member from last week (Shawn), lives like this too sometimes.

And even though many have been here for 3-5 years. And naturally become friends in the process.

As ladies… Physical results are always a priority. It’s hard not to be… Since the mirror is an important part of your daily life, as a female.

The @fitbuzz Instagram feed, specifically… Is all about what 90-100% S-curvish looks like.

‘Soft lean’ + Epic butt/Tiny waist/Natural boobs (Not totally ‘bad’ if you’ve ‘enhanced’ them already)

And ‘eyeing that up’, is a part of what keeps you on the wagon.

And since we do talk 121. It’s natural that questions will always come up. Usually from more casual members.

So let’s highlight some of those questions today.

#1 I like to eat ‘bad’ foods. And I’m going to restart/start as a member again. But how can I… And still look like those girls, or some of the most successful S-curve members?

Well… You can and will continue to eat ‘bad’. That’s a part of the lifestyle. And it’s what we call, D-F rated foods.

What we do… Is to stop cheat binging. And instead… Cheat ‘snack’. This is when you eat a smaller amount of those D-F rated foods… Right after eating an A-C rated S-curve meal.

Then… It’s all about…

– Eating cheat snacks at the right times, to avoid an unnecessary build up of fat
– To choose better quality cheat snacks

That’s what we set out in your plan, on your LIVE update member page, when you become a member.

#2 ”I need to go to the gym” – Newbie young lady from yesterday, who looks ‘OK’… But wants to look

> like this

No… You don’t. You want to live an improved lifestyle. But don’t know how to go about it… Yet.

So find someone that you trust and like. And follow their formula for that outcome.

– A generic gym trainer? Nah… You won’t look forward to living in the gym for the long term. And you 

‘might’ experience mediocre results.

– Bust your butt hard, year round? Nah… Not that either.

In today’s world… Theres an easier and ‘nicer feeling’ way to go about getting it. That’s what the S-curve experience is. All lived… Through the results/lifestyle phases.

Stage 2 via More buzz… Is where most brand new people go to get started. Once they’ve decided that they trust and like…

But… That is also the most results intensive month.

To feel the experience… You’ll usually progress to stage 3, shortly after. Which is what every successful member has done. Every single one!

And all you’ll need is…

– A mobile device that can load up and stream videos
– A workout mat/And or some medium weight dumbbells

You already have everything else (A brain, ears to listen, food). We just change the way you’re currently doing things with ’em :D.


Yup… That was all LIVE. Those questions came in via FB in the past 24 hours.

So just jump in, on the profile below and connect. It’s all open. Everyone I’ve ever connected with ‘in life’, is on there @ nothing to hide… Couldn’t even do so if I tried.


FB messenger app: Facebook.com/ShaunTLSinclair
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Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls
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