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Buzzers… Thursday…


Forever evolving

Stages 1-4 is the protocol procedure that everyone gets put through. That is what has caused the explosion of results that we saw from 2016 until now.

But the way in which you start as a member, constantly evolves every 6-12 months.

This is what it looks like @ starting as a new member ‘today’.

To start (On day 1): Pay-As-You-Go – Between $50-$300 each time you pay

> Less intense @ $50 (4 week time frame)
> More intense (Deep inside) $300 (Spring/Summer promo – 6-8 week time frame)

There is no long term pressure. We set initial short term plans. And change/adapt, based on your on going results/life situation.

Most of you will message 121, before deciding to become a member.

But some people want to simply hit the Paypal button right after reading this. Which is why new pages still get

created, when ‘things’ get announced.


The S-curve meal structure doesn’t know all the foods in existence and it’s not suppose to. It just puts any food source that’s found… Into the S-curve meal structure. And to then… Let it do it’s magic. 

So that’s the first thing you need to get into your head as an S-curve member.

Our coaching sessions are NOT about us, trying to feed you. It’s YOU feeding yourself, with the foods you like. Just using the S-curve meal structure.

Today’s subject line

Food + Supplements

You already know that we’ve only listed a few protocol supplements to be used, along side the S-curve meal structure.

We use them, to…

#1 Boost the value of a meal.

#2 To aid you in some beneficial way.

Or… To make things a little easier @ your daily lifestyle, in terms of eating schedules. Saving gains and the time that you have available to yourself.

And all have been added, due to our experience with them over the years.

In both cases @ food and supps… It’s all about the ingredients. That’s what’s driving your results, after you’ve

triggered future results via S-curve workouts.

And today… We’re going to dig into some of the ways that we combine food and the (few supplements that are

listed) in S-curve world.

Oats and casein 

– Doing this, will replace the need to add D-F rated white/brown sugar.
– It will hit your slow digesting protein needs at breakfast
– It’ll keep hunger at bay for even longer
– It’ll make your oats taste yummy
Casein in the morning 
– It’ll keep hunger at bay throughout the day… Which may also protect your S-curvish gains.
Casein at night 
– You do this to prevent yourself from cheat snacking at night. And to protect your S-curvish gains, whilst
you sleep.

Oats and whey

– You do this to hit your fast digesting protein needs at breakfast.
– You do this if you don’t like to drink whey on it’s own (Use > Almond milk to make it tasty).
– This is what S-curve members have turned to over the years… To cure post workout pain. It’s mostly

needed if you’re new to doing S-curve workouts.

> Instant Knockout or > Lean bean (Was written by a ‘follower’… Not ‘me’. I don’t sound like that. lol)

We’ve connected with both founders of those supps (Working closely with one of them at present).

Using those supps from the start, can be OK. But it’s something we would add, some time after seeing noticeable results. Because it takes a lot longer to start seeing physical changes after that point.

Being on a Results Phase (More intense) can fix that for sure. But you have to be committed if you do that. For most… Life will exist mostly on a Lifestyle Phase (Less intense). Especially during the summer months.

So it may be in your favor to gradually keep on using any of those two supps, as you consistently push forward.

That’s what I did in 2016.

I had bulked up, previous to going away from the gym (I did it as a test… If you remember). And it took another 6 months. To get back to 90% S-curvish.

That is…

– To have lean bulk (Not easy to achieve) like > Vitoria.

– No fat on the hips, lower back, sides (Not easy).

– The S-curve visible

If you’re a fan of ‘proven’ (Just like the S-curve formula @ 2010 until present day). Then opt for Instant Knockout. Since we have a longer history with it.

Food + Supps conclusion

– Gradual use
– Especially to be used after initial results periodTomorrow… We’ll dig into Travel-curvish. Which is becoming a fave part of all of this @ followers. Which has been MY fave part of this S-curve experience… For the past 3 years!


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