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You know… One important part of the newsletter. Is to educate you. And then, to refresh-ducate you.

Because you’ll forget stuff in the busy life that you lead. Especially if you’re not an S-curve member, yet.

And going by yesterday’s convos. Today… I have no choice but to go over the food stuff again. Because

I’m seeing a pattern amongst those who start, with a higher BF% than usual.

In short… The reason why they’ve put on that much excess fat, is because they’ve been eating carbs in

the evening (Fast and slow digesting). Probably for years.

Seasoned members… You’re probably grinning at that statement.

But it’s more like a…

”Babe… You can’t do that”

…Kind of grin. @ You talking to them, like they were your girl friends.

So let’s just talk about food.

Eating carbs in the evening

The first thing we have to do, is change the S-curve meal structure, based on your work/sleep hours.

Using > this as a guide.

But the protocol S-curve rule, is that you can’t eat spikey or slow digesting carbs, 3-4 hours before you


But you do have some other options though.

#1 Slow/fast digesting protein – Whey, casein, a small amount of fish or lean meat.

#2 Some fat – Fish oil tablets work best. Or ‘some’ olive oil, spread over fresh veggies.

Everyone has their ‘issues’ in regards to nutrition. So I won’t dig much deeper. But all issues can be

resolved. I can guarantee it @ lifestyle and results phase shenanigans.

Going nutrient dense

That means… To go food shopping. And to look for foods that are…

– High in fiber
– High in carbs
– Super low fat
– High in protein (Or a high number of aminos present)

… When looking at the different options of a food source in that isle.

You’ll usually find just one of those traits in any one food source.
That’s what we do at the grind stage. Or some point after seeing noticeable results.

The supplements

Today’s approach… Is to make these work in sync with the S-curve meal structure and experience


It looks like this…

– Whey
– Casein
– Xtend

Note: They’ve all returned to More buzz, under S-curve journey extras.

And then sometimes… We’ll introduce a new one to test out. If that happens. It’s because it has some

pretty neat ingredients inside.

Which is the same thing that we do when shopping for nutrient dense food.

The only premium supplement that we have listed right now, is > Instant Knockout.

Whey and casein are protocol within the S-curve experience. We don’t need feedback from anyone to

validate our reasons for using those.

But we did with Xtend. That got great feedback from S-curve members.

Note: Remember… FitBuzzers and S-curve members usually aren’t ‘hell bent’ fitness ladies…

> right image goals… Not left. So when YOU give it the thumbs up, we know it’s real.

And that’s what started happening with Instant Knockout.

So… That’ll stay on More buzz.

Foods… Supplements… The list is almost endless out there. That’s why I said that the food part of the

process, stays interesting, long after 6-18 months.

The most important thing that we do… Is to follow the S-curve formula rules… For identifying the

best ones… For results and lifestyle.


This all relates to new members. Some newsletter FitBuzzers jump straight into stage 3. But most, will

start on stage 2.

Maybe for 1-3 weeks. Learn what’s really going on. And then start properly on stage 3, since they ‘get it’.

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