Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein – Protocol S-curve formula supplements

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Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein

The short version of how WE use it in S-curve world

– We add it to our cereals. Which acts as a sugar replacement. And as the fast digesting protein for the first meal of the day (We eat ALL nutrients at this time. And it’s the only meal of the day that we do that with).
– How it’s supposed to be used… For pre/post workout.
Today’s approach…

Is to make these work in sync with the S-curve meal structure and experience overall.

It looks like this…


And then sometimes… We’ll introduce a new one to test out. If that happens. It’s because it has some pretty neat ingredients inside.

Which is the same thing that we do when shopping for nutrient dense food.

Whey and casein are protocol within the S-curve experience. We don’t need feedback from anyone to validate our reasons for using those.

But we did with Xtend. That got great feedback from S-curve members.

Note: Remember… FitBuzzers and S-curve members usually aren’t ‘hell bent’ fitness ladies… @ > right image goals… Not left. So when YOU give it the thumbs up, we know it’s real.

Foods… Supplements… The list is almost endless out there. That’s why I said that the food part of the process, stays interesting, long after 6-18 months.

The most important thing that we do… Is to follow the S-curve formula rules… For identifying the best ones… For results and lifestyle.

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