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Are you tired of the same results in the mirror when it comes to your physique? If you are ready to increase both your strength and ability to move even greater weights,

 you will need some radical changes to your schedule both in and outside of the gym.

To embark on that new strategy, you will need to tackle some new challenges, understand what works for you and check out some muscle blasting formulas that you may already have heard about.

Proper Warm up

A great warm up will go a great mile in enhancing the body’s ability to perform.

Lack of a proper warm means your workout session lacks the efficiency and benefits it deserves. Warming up helps greatly in the enhancement of fluids in the joints to prepare them for movement.

It also raises the temperature of the body gently to set it up for the incoming heat,and adjusts metabolism to prepare for lifting.

The body doesn’t like to be rushed. This means the unceremonious waking up of muscles for a tedious workout may not go down well. Hence, starting light can mean the difference between a great workout session and an unexpected injury.

Core Training

It is highly recommended to go for CORE Lifting as it is one of the most efficient strategies of getting success in all other areas of your training.

Hitting your major muscles with compound exercises like squats, deadlift and back as the basis of your workouts goes a long way to activating growth hormone and testosterone production sufficient for maximum gains. You can take it easy at fast then progress steadily by challenging yourself every workout.

Frequency and consistency

Consistency is key. You can’t hit the gym and quit on the second week expecting any noticeable changes. Train a minimum of four days a week while focusing on the core lifts that I mentioned above. For instance, chest days should start with higher press movements, followed closely by lighter training and closed with isolation exercises. For back workouts, always include the ever efficient deadlift workout coupled with barbell rows.

Leg day, which is the most skipped exercise but ironically the most important weigh training exercise in terms of how effective it is in triggering growth hormone and muscle growth, should always include squats, lunges, hack squats and leg press.


The Human Growth Hormone is a powerful substance that is produced in the brain and helps the body to produce maximum energy, build muscle, burn fat and improve sex drive. It is also vital in regulating metabolism, an essential process in the body’s overall development process.

Muscle Recovery and bone density are both impossible without the growth hormone, but is also essential in maintaining the well-being of all body tissue and this includes the brain and other organs.

Scientists have finally reached a peak in their study of the Human Growth Hormone and it continues to grow in demand thanks to its ability to melt fat and build lean muscle.

The body’s production of this precious commodity is vital for growth at puberty and during pregnancy but unfortunately for aspiring bodybuilders, it falls relatively short as we age.

A healthy adult male has less than 6 Nano grams of GH per milliliter in the bloodstream and
this is usually not sufficient enough for most muscle building goals.


There are two ways of supplementing your body’s sources of HGH and both involve supplementing.

However, the old school way of getting HGH (injection) is both expensive and very risky and is not readily recommended anywhere anymore.

Safe sources of HGH

Primal Male are pioneers of safe HGH supplementation

Bodybuilders and strength athletes that are dedicated to gaining muscle mass and burning body fat are maximizing on the benefits of growth hormone therapy.

Testosterone Boosters

We all know that higher levels of testosterone result directly in lean muscle gain and fat loss.

Testosterone is a crucial hormonal enhancer for muscle gain. It’s no surprise then when research shows that anabolic steroids (testosterone boosters) have muscle building and fat burning effects on healthy people who don’t even exercise.

It is then safe to assume that the higher the testosterone levels, the more muscle you gain.

Luckily, you are able to spike growth by enhancing your body’s ability to produce more T levels.

Unfortunately, many people also get it wrong when looking for sources of testosterone. For starters, the most convenient way to increase Testosterone in your body is by taking a supplement designed to boost your body’s own natural production.


Of course, this is just a scratch on the surface on the most effective ways of blasting your muscles for maximum growth. You can get more hard truths that show you in detail what works and what doesn’t, and the pure truth
on how to get shredded, cut body fat and reveal a head-turning six pack in record time, you are guaranteed pro tips on Primal Muscle’s Pumped magazine for free.

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