Preparation before the storm

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Buzzers… Choose ‘today’…

It’s been a normal start to the week. And a continuation of last weeks shenanigans. Especially since the World Cup is still on.

But let’s get into today’s headline shall we…

Preparation before the storm 

One of the elements of the S-curve formula. Is to prepare your body and mind, for events like, the festive season in the fall.

Like… Instead of dreading the Thanksgiving/Christmas binge. As a member… You are encouraged to embrace the binge.


– Because it’s all about having more fun. Which is something you will always look forward to throughout all S-curve experience shenanigans.

– It’s when you’ll have the most nutrient variety entering your guts. Which will actually boost your results.

But what about all that excess fat?

You only have to worry about that, if your body and mind aren’t prepared.

Mind = Habit building shenanigans set in. So you’ll always revert back to your S-curvish ways, after excess eating/fun.

Body = You’ll only keep long lasting fat. If you’re already fat. Not when you’re 60% S-curvish and above. Any new fat that’s gained, will disappear within a week.

Thinking long term with short time frames

That’s another preparation strategy, that we set from the start.

That is…

We have the 1-5 year goal. Because the long lasting results, needs that time frame (Even though you can get there in 6-8 months as a serious member).

But… We work in 1-3 month batches.

– It started with the intro to the Results and Lifestyle phases.

– It progressed, with this years focus on pay as you go.

– It’s importance is now heightened, as that strategy coincides with today’s S-curve experienceshenanigans.

So understand… That everything you do as a member… Sets you up to win in multiple ‘futures’.

Some past members are realising this now…As they started in 2014-15-16-17. But have returned… Failing. Because time passed them by (As it always does @ impatience on day one/short attention span mind failed them).

And they didn’t stay as good students (Usually cheated on their plan with something else for too long (4-6 weeks at a time is allowed though).

So… That’s just a heads up. Because if you’ve been following for any number of years. That will likely continue.

So that’s a message to re-emphasis to you, during your time here in S-curve world.

Trending in S-curve world today– Resistance bands @ the most recent videos vibes – Because you’ll be able to do ALL effective exercises… Anywhere. You’ll learn how, as an active member.

– > Maldives shenanigans

–  Becoming S-curvish… So that your butt looks good > in pants.

– You have > two options… And both are fine :).

– > This beach towel

Blueprint tip

We had a lot yesteday. So take some time out to re-consume them.

But as a reminder. Just remember, that everything that we do here, has been created, to enable you to live an enhanced version of your current day life.

New followers start, by seeing…

– The S-curvish physiques

– The foody postsBut as time goes on, they start to see…

– The actual long term members who have been commenting and active on the social media accounts.

– The long term members on-going results.

– My own daily lifestyle. Which is the S-curve experience. Which I’ve started to post LIVE… Via FB stories on my own profile.

So prepare to be improved upon.


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