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Our story begins with an incredibly fierce animal, symbolizing everything our company believes in. This animal demonstrates characteristics of fearlessness, determination, and bravery – fending off deadly venomous snakes, predators twice its size, and enduring hundreds of bee stings. The fearless attitude and prominent characteristics is what caught our attention proving perfect for naming both our company and product line:


We are becoming the world’s premiere, cutting edge beverage supplement company to shape the future of the industry for the needs of the fearlessly active individual – offering superior and clean supplements so everyone can Drink Fearless. Our product is more than an energy drink – it is a hybrid of performance enhancement and stamina-building energy. The benefits of our synergistic blend can help with endurance, focus, intensity, hydration, and recovery. It’s the ultimate PRE that can be used PREWORKOUT, PREGAME, PREPEFORMANCE. We purposely designed Honey Badger Performance Energy to be open-ended for use, and not limited to one function. The versatility is what makes it unique: use Honey Badger for lifting, running, biking, gaming – whatever part of your life that needs incredible energy.


Our flavoring system is what sets us apart from the rest of the pack. No other comparable formula contains Stevia as the only sweetener. Honey Badger is breaking the mold of what everyone else is doing – each ingredient in our formula has to be essential and serve a purpose. You can feel our formula working quickly because we cut out the fillers and unnecessary ingredients and it shows in the results. We refuse to use supplements that are artificial and pose health risks. The health of our customers is our goal first and foremost – we do not just make the products, we use them ourselves.


No unneeded hype with Honey Badger, just pure proven ingredients in their superior forms for everyone to see. All our ingredients are sourced from reputable companies with proven track records of providing safe and pure supplements. All ingredients are analyzed at the manufacturing facility to test for purity and quality. We list all the active ingredient amounts, no “proprietary blends” to mask the contents. Transparency is key to having open conversations between company and customer, and we strive to provide as much information as possible.


Our approach and interaction with the customer is different. We are breaking the mold of traditional corporate model – we connect on a personal level with each and every customer. Honey Badger goes above and beyond for every person. We believe building real relationships with customers goes a long way, and we use social media to instantly connect with people and provide customer service by responding to people where they are spending most of their time. Take a look at our Twitter feed @HoneyBadgerBev you’ll get an idea of what’s going on with Honey Badger.




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