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This is the dreaded thing we have all faced at some point, and it can be heart breaking when it happens.

Hitting a plateau is similar to that 3-month honeymoon period in a new relationship. Everything feels like you are on top of the world and it seems like it will be that way forever. Then one day, without warning, it just stops and becomes stale, and you have to find some way to reignite that ‘once upon a time’ burning flame.

If you are not familiar with what a plateau is, let me simplify the meaning for you.

A weightlifting plateau

The moment your body stops getting stronger or losing fat because it’s adapted well to your workouts.

This is basically what happens in muscle memory. Muscle memory is great because you can easily gauge when your muscles are being trained properly. The bad thing is, that once your muscles get used to certain weightlifting exercises they will no longer be challenged, and challenge is what your muscles will need in order to grow.

Today we will cover the basics.

Change your frequency

If you have been a follower on, I know that you workout at least 2-3 times a week, often with a full body workout on your weightlifting workout days. If so then you will usually need a days rest in between each day.

Changing how often you exercise will change the format of your workouts, and that is the key method to overcoming a plateau during your weightlifting routines.

These are some common methods that I have also included into my weightlifting routines, which will allow you to overcome those weightlifting plateaus.

Split weightlifting routine

When you feel a plateau coming along, switch from your full body workout to a split weightlifting routine.

* Alternating upper body and lower body workouts
* Alternating push exercises and pull exercises
* Working opposing muscle groups on different days

Switch back

After a few weeks of the split weightlifting routine, switch back to a full body weightlifting workout again. This is refreshing for you in your workouts as it keeps things interesting, and your muscles will respond in a good way too. Growth!

Pick ‘n’ Mix

Play a game of pick ‘n’ mix with both types of weightlifting workout routines. Once you find a method that works and which your muscles respond to best, keep at it.

Training like this will allow you to do more exercises in your weightlifting routine and will focus on individual muscle groups. But the best part is that it makes working out fun.

The TRX Door Anchor

A couple of months back I shared with you, which I consider my favorite piece of workout equipment for use on my globe trotting adventures.

I’m not too much of a fan of flashy over hyped products, I just pretty much go for products that I can rely on and which I know will work. When you travel it is not always convenient to workout at a gym, yet we all know the importance of maintaining muscle mass.

By using the TRX Door Anchor when I’m in hotels, it’s really easy to keep my muscles active. But one of the key benefits that I get out of using the TRX Door Anchor, which is also good for overcoming weightlifting plateaus, is that it does a fine job of working muscle groups which you may usually miss with common weightlifting exercises during weightlifting routines. And these are often smaller muscles… muscles that when worked, bulge out of there coffins in an instant. The really great thing about that, is that those smaller muscles complement the larger muscles.

The day that you reach that goal and decide to walk down the street, you WILL get noticed from a distance! That, I am sure of. So if you want to alternate your exercises, give the Door anchor a try.

Let me know some of the plateaus that you have hit during your weightlifting workouts, and then I’ll be sure to post more tried and tested ideas for overcoming them.

See you in the comments.

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