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It’s Friday, and I hope all of my favorite stayfitbuggers are getting ready for the weekend. Before you do prepare for a fun packed weekend, I’m going to share with you some of the best ways to overcome those weightlifting plateaus when building muscle fast on your arms.

Hitting a weightlifting plateau when building muscle for biceps and triceps is something that has affected me in the past, and I still have the painful memories of when it happened. To make a bad situation even worse, I have a 6′ 2″ frame, which equals super long limbs. Long limbs which are without a doubt harder to work than shorter limbs.

But luckily for you i overcame those weightlifting plateaus, and I got the muscles in my arms to gain muscle mass once again. And here is how you can do that too.

Bicep curls

Now, i’m not talking about ordinary bicep curls where you stack the weight on and lift. What you will want to do is up the ante and give your muscles something to talk about. Instead of just lifting the barbell, you first need to find yourself a gym partner or spotter. Then you need to focus on negative lifts.


Because the lowering phase of the bicep curl can deal with more weight.

Now what you must do is add approximately 20-40 percent more weight than your usual weight on the barbell, lift the bar with help from your gym partner and pause. Lower the bar slowly and controlled.

Performing the bicep curl this way is what allowed me to get that ‘pump’ back into my arms. If you had the same problem then definitley give this a try.

  • Four sets
  • 6 reps
  • once a week

Pre exhaust training

This simply means to exaust a muscle with an isolation exercise (exercises that focus on one muscle) and to perform a compound exercise straight after with no rest in between. To do that is for sure some hard s**t, and the guy that taught me how to do that was an animal. After seeing him do that, I had a new found respect for him. But pre-exaust training is what you can do when muscle growth has stagnated.


Always perform these exercises first in your weightlifting routine. That is when you will have the most energy to perform them to your best.

We now all know that to overcome a weightlifting plateau, you have to give them some new experiences, and this is what you can do for both biceps and triceps.

Exercise Combination’s


Preacher curl and chin up
Concentration curl and barbell curl


Skullcrushers and close grip bench
Tricep pushdowns and dips
Tricep kickbacks and dips

These combinations are all tried and tested, but you can make up your own too. Just make sure that one is an isolation exercise and the other is a compound exercise.

If you have a weekend workout coming up, be sure to give these a try. But for now, Bugs out!

See you in the comments.

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