Placing the mineral Boron under the microscope

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Ever heard of Boron? Perhaps not – but it’s a vital trace mineral that is required for normal growth and health within the body. In actual fact, many of the dangerous bone conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis are naturally managed by Boron, and it is also responsible for mitigating the symptoms of menopause. Studies have shown that Boron may help to increase the body’s ability to absorb calcium (like the kind of calcium you get from osteoporosis supplements made from algae, for example) and magnesium.

What are the major sources of Boron?

You’ll find a high level of Boron is present in things like apples, oranges, pears, plums, kiwi-fruit, sultanas, red grapes and dates, as well as certain vegetables like avocados, soybeans, and certain nuts. Legumes are a great source of Boron too, and you’ll find it in chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils and Borlotti beans, as well as currants, peanut butter, olives, onions, wine and even beer! With so many diverse and accessible sources of Boron, it would be unimaginable that you would ever suffer from a deficiency. Regardless, it is possible to suffer from a Boron deficiency, so let’s take a look at what the symptoms of Boron deficiency are.

Symptoms of Boron deficiency

It is known that Boron deficiency may result in the abnormal metabolism of calcium and magnesium, and some of the other possible symptoms of Boron deficiency include hyperthyroidism, sex hormone imbalance, osteoporosis, neural malfunction and arthritis. These are all serious conditions that require attention, and so it’s important that Boron is given due attention!

Health benefits of Boron

As a treatment option for arthritis, Boron is largely successful – with over 95 per cent of cases reporting a significant improvement through the effect of Boron increasing the calcium integration into the bones. After all, with advancing years, the bones in the body are at an increased risk of becoming weak and porous, but the presence of Boron can actually slow this deterioration by making sure that the calcium levels in the body are directed into the bone and that the calcium is used correctly. Boron is also effective with Rheumatoid arthritis, and Boron works to greatly reduce the allergenic and inflamed condition that is associated with this kind of arthritis.

Boron for bone health

The bone building capabilities of Boron are sometimes pushed aside in favour of calcium, but Boron actually works to unite with calcium in such a way that it strengthens the bones! Boron plays a very important role in minimising the risks of bone-related diseases and also works to help to metabolise minerals like calcium, magnesium and copper, which are associated with bone health. In addition to this, Boron works on various hormones like oestrogen and testosterone, both of which have an impact on the overall health of your bones.

Boron for oestrogen

The presence of Boron can improve the overall production of oestrogen in menopausal women and in many cases can reinvigorate one’s sex drive within just a few days. Boron works to increase the natural levels of sex hormones in the body, without the need for hormone replacement therapy or other kinds of pharmaceutical solutions.

Prevents Postmenopausal Osteoporosis

Just another thing that Boron can do – it works to reduce the symptoms of menopause like hot flushes and night sweats, and helps to reduce the probability of osteoporosis by mitigating bone tissue loss.

You’ll find with Boron that it’s absorbed and excreted through urine, but in people with kidney problems you may find that it accumulates in the heart, the kidneys, the brain and other tissue. Please be aware of what your conditions are and how you are taking supplements or taking in Boron, particularly if you are using high-concentrate supplies.

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