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Buzzers… Pinch punch first of the month. Fridays have started to become ‘Frenzy Fridays’ in recent times. Because it’s when some companies and musicians, decide to release new stuff to the masses.

And yesterday it was…

– Eminem
– And the return of Ozark (TV show/2nd season)

Probably more too out there. But those were on my radar. Because the ‘algorithms’ are doing their job.

In fact… Algorithms are probably why you’ve ended up on this newsletter. Which is a good thing. Because your life will improve because of it.

So this weekend. I’ll be busy @ S-curve world shenanigans. And when I get a moment. I’ll be watching the rest of Ozark (Currently on episode 4).

It’s the 1st of September 

And for the past 3-4 years… It has looked exactly the same in S-curve world.

– Embrace the fall season binge @ Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas (You actually benefit from it).

– Lifestyle Phase from October to the start of January.

– Busier time of year overall.

In regards to ‘busier’…

We now know that different payment options suit different types of people.

And this year… It’s been all about the pay as you go option. But more recently… The one time payment option has started to make waves.

#1 Some folks don’t want to think about ‘yet another’ monthly payment.

#2 Some folks are busy. Need to become a member. And to just pay once, for 3 or even 12 months in advance… Just works best.

It’s a busy time of year. And if you’re part of the crowd that starts their fall season shenanigans with a bang. And… If you know your fall season will be busy.

Then let’s put you on a > September to February plan @ what I introduced in Tuesday’s newsletter.

Then we can just work away together. And more importantly… Have fun doing it.

What’s trending in S-curve world today? 

– A > workout step that raises to 8 inches. Because it allows for more exercise variations to be done, when you’re at home.

– > Bora Bora = ‘Travel-curvish’ 2-3 week trips.

– Fridays are indeed becoming > epic @ releases, TGIF cheat nights/start of cheat snacking weekends.

– Tis the S-curve experience = > ‘Coming (High up) for air’

Blueprint tips

FB stories > Messenger > 121 coaching once you become an active member.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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