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Buzzers… Tuesday…


Mother’s Day is coming up. And although we’re focused a lot more on the S-curve experience as a whole…  @ not ‘all’ fitness focused> This and > this Tee remains a favorite @ one of the many gifts that you might give her.


We started going more LIVE around 2 years ago. You know… Just showing you what we’re doing at any given moment.

– Via this newsletter.

– Via my own FB profile (Most of my personal activities are S-curve experience shenanigans).
-Via offline members recorded > training sessions/shenanigans, if we have any (It costs a lot more to do the S-curve formula in person… So it tends to happen less).Because of that… It means everything is more real. Which is very much the state of social media now @ things must be LIVE, to be taken seriously. Or at least a good portion of what’s posted must be LIVE.

So today… I’m going to let off some quick fire S-curve blueprint tips.

This stuff used to be a little scripted back in 2010. When I first started doing videos. Even on those video interviews I did on

But today… It’s safe to say… I’m a pro in front of any LIVE recorded instrument @ the S-curve formula as the topic. Ha.

Off the chains go…#1 Food is the main dish. 

> Supplements are the toppings on the pizza.

#2 Less ‘generic variation’ squatting and deadlifts.

#3 No slow-go cardio if you aren’t at least 60% S-curvish. And to never do for longer than 3 weeks.

#4 Adding lemon to your water is always a win @ taste/feeling.

#5 Drinking casein throughout the day will keep hunger at bay, protect your S-curvish gains and prevent you from eating any cheat snacks at all. Still eat fruit if you want a regular energy boost though.

#6 Take two (consecutive) days off every week. It brings law and order to the process of becoming S-curvish. During this period… You’ll eat S-curvishly 100%.

#7 Raw food sources taste awful on their own. That is not the S-curve experience ‘way’. So just add raw food sources to your cooked meals.

A common ‘foul’ example is spirulina (Or ‘acquired’ taste). Which you can just add to your shakes.

#8 Your body will change during certain parts of the day/week. So the only image of YOU that matters. Is your day one selfie and your day 21 selfie/belfie. And all the others that you take after that.

This little fact will shock you, more than you think it will.

Remember… All of these tips are in regards to looking like > this… And feeling great in your new
S-curvish bod, too.

That ‘was’ written LIVE (And super quickly). But if you want to test me, via LIVE video. Then let’s do it.

It’ll be the same blueprint tips (Possibly more… Since the list is endless – Only some relate to you at any given period in time) just… Delivered randomly from my brain.

It can be done on FB.

If not… And you don’t want to waste time, seeing repeat tips. Just message, so that I can talk to you and find out which ones can relate to your current day situation.

And to possibly get you started as a member.


#1 Message first, reply second (If you’re brand new… Do the opposite and start the new Stage 1 on More buzz below).
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