Perfect S-curvish abs and butt in one week?

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As usual… It’s weekend recovery day. So be sure to go over the > weekend newsletters if you missed them. Because each and every one that goes out, is important.

The lifestyle phase season is kicking in right about now. But that’s just the protocol timeline @ yearly seasons and events.

So starting ‘today’, would indeed mean getting put through a results phase in your first 1-3 months.

Your first month on any stages from 2-4 that you start on, is going to be ‘gold’.

We’re doing this day in and day out. And I’m seeing first hand how much it’s impacting brand new or returning members from 3-4 years ago.

It’s a good thing, because it shows how far we’ve come @ program progression.

It needs to be gold. Because it sets the foundation for your long term program shenanigans.

The long term now, is like a structured high level university course.

You get put through stages. All of which are designed to get you through the inevitable ‘feelings’ that you’ll go through during any specific time of the process.

– Stress from work, family or friends.
– Hissy fits from the different levels of results that you’ll notice over time (Which is why we

manage that via 121 coaching chats).
– Too much fun on that one crazy holiday.
– Too much fun munchies at Christmas, Thanksgiving and festivals.

Back to the headline

The biggest physical challenge that you’ll have, is ‘keeping’ your soft lean shredded abs, along with your epic butt to match (See today’s social highlights link via > More buzz for a visual example, from a recurring @fitbuzz associate).

So today, I’m going to give you a 7-10 day formula, to at least trigger some rapid noticeable changes on the way to achieving that.

Daily – To add to workouts

– Ankle weight knee to elbow walks to failure x 3

– Running on the spot with light ankle weights till failure x 3

Daily – The munchies

– Zero carbs after 2.00pm
– A-rated protein/carb foods only
– Drop your daily fat intake to 15-20 grams

Sounds crazy right? Because it is. This stuff happens all of the time around the world. The mistake that people make… Is doing ‘extreme’ things like that, for more than 2-3 weeks.

It’ll eventually work against you, because your body needs the full S-curve meal structure to fully function.

Doing crazy stuff like that will only set your results backwards, if you try to go long term with it.

We typically only do stuff like that for 2-3 weeks or so. And we only do it based on your ‘live’ and on-going results. Aka the tweaks.

Which is the foundation of the new ‘short splits’ routine that we’re in the process of creating right now.

Because that’s what caused all of those super results that you saw throughout 2015 and 2016.

It’s looking the same for 2017. But those will be revealed soon.

Anyway… Try the above if you’re up for the challenge. Not you @ active S-curve members.
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