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Buzzers… Tuesday…

So… If you have ME added on FB, you’ll see that I’m having a bit of a ‘walk down memory lane’ moment.


I first went there in 2005. And the events that lead up to that… Was the catalyst that lead to the creation of everything you see on this newsletter (Read the back story on More buzz).

Yes… Half of what has been created on here, has been in Asia. From 2014 until now  (2010-2014 was UK/US entirely).

But I never did see an opportunity to go back to Thailand. Up until now (There’s always a reason behind  ‘any’ trip that I take).

As once again… It’s a TC2.0 trip with an S-curve member (Rhoj… The property ‘person’ from February) and a few family members.

Although most of my time spent so far… Has been meeting new people and adding them to my FB profile.

Anyway… Another topic @ yesterday’s chats…

Becoming S-curvish is expensive?

Well… Some people actually like it to be. Which is why we started to go ‘high end’… As we started to build out the S-curve formula over the years. With the top end, costing $300 a month.

That… Pretty much guarantees your desired outcome. But for some people… Smaller regular payments work better.

Either way… We have some solid options in place in S-curve world right now, if the above is an issue.

So let’s take a look…

#1 > The new stage 1

We’ll always need a way to get you in as a new member. Because no one is paying top dollar, with someone they’ve never worked with before, on day one.

You wouldn’t marry your current partner on day one. So why would you do that here @ not happening.

The old stage one was cheap @ $9.99. But the value was too little. So instead. We bumped the price up a little to $20 (Still cheap). And increased the value, so that you can feel the value, right at the start.

– If you don’t trust
– If you are currently on a budget

Then the new stage 1 is where YOU go.

#2 > The Lifestyle Phase 

The $300 entry point is a Results Phase.

This is where coaching and action taking happen constantly, nearly everyday, for about 4-6 weeks.

But a Lifestyle Phase is where we take things a little easier. Which means it’s a little cheaper too @ $150.

It’s cheaper. But the reason you start… Is because of what the Lifestyle Phase is (Ideal for fun summer months).

#3 > The new Pay-as-you-go S-curve member

We only just started this. But the idea… Is that you pay every 1-2 weeks, because you’re happy with the on-going results you’re seeing.

How much… Depends on what we’re going through at any given time, on your plan.

We want to go hard? We set that price point and push it for a while.

Want to go easy? We set that price point lower and push that for a while.

It doesn’t matter what your situation is… Some things I’ll tell you about YOU though. Is that…
#1 ‘Everyone’ has the cash, for whatever it is they’re interested in paying for. Wanting to be cheap… Usually means that it’s not currently high on your priority list :).
#2 History has shown, time and time again… That if you really do want it (Whatever ”it’ is)… Then you’re more likely to win… If you ‘go all in’ @attitude.

#1 Message first, reply second
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